11 Medium Hair Styles For Any Occasion

Whether you’re thinking of cutting or growing your hair to a medium length or you’re already rocking gorgeous medium hair styles, these stunning hair styles have you covered for every event on your social calendar. From simple yet chic looks you can wear at the office to elegant styles suited to evening events. Every medium hairstyle on our list is certain to make you look and feel incredible! Keep scrolling to discover the prettiest medium hairstyles for women we’ve seen to date…

Medium Length Hair

So what do we mean by the term ‘medium hair’? Truthfully, no set length determines a ‘medium length’. However, most would usually consider any style that falls from the shoulders to a few inches below the collar bone as a medium-length cut. And, there are so many reasons why this particular length always has been and continues to be so popular.

Firstly, hairstyles of medium length offer the best of both worlds when it comes to the pros and cons of both long and short hair. For example, like shorter hair, medium-length locks are easy to maintain, take less time to wash and style, and can easily be worn down in warmer weather without getting in the way or making you feel too hot. 

Additionally, just like those with longer tresses, ladies with shoulder-length medium hairstyles, or even slightly longer, will find they have endless styling options. They have a good amount of length to play with meaning both up-dos and down-dos are easily achievable, no matter the occasion. 

11 Best Medium Length Hairstyles & Haircuts For Women

Now, on to the part we’ve all been waiting for, how to style medium-length hair! There are so many outstanding medium hairstyle options out there, choosing the exact right one for you can be tricky. Luckily, we’re here to discuss our favorites with you so you can make an informed decision. The best part? Every one of these styles will work for any and every occasion on your social calendar. 

  • Layered Bangs + Medium Hair

One of our favorite ways to ensure your medium hair cut draws attention to your facial features is by introducing layered bangs. Not only will they frame your face perfectly, but they also create the most beautiful shape and texture through the front of the hair. 

This is the ideal style for you if you love to wear all of your hair down. There’s no need for barrettes or hair bands with this one as the shapely style of this cut speaks for itself!

  • Medium Length Hair + Blunt Bangs

If you’d rather something a little more dramatic when it comes to your bangs, opt for medium-length hair and blunt bangs. This is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. We find blunt bangs work best with medium hairstyles on the shorter side, such as a lob. This provides enough contrast with the bangs yet effortlessly blends the two lengths rather than them being separated and appearing harsh or disjointed. 

  • Wispy Bangs + Medium Length Hair

If there’s a medium shoulder length hairstyle we just can’t resist for spring and summer, it’s wispy bangs and medium length hair. This style is seriously chic and looks amazing on everyone! Ask your stylist to chop into your hair, maybe even adding a few layers to create a light, bouncy texture. This length and cut also look amazing with air-dried locks and summery beach waves. 

  • Medium Length Cut for Fine Hair

When it comes to fine hair, we always recommend shorter styles if you’d like to make the hair appear thicker than it naturally is. Layers can look great, however, we love shoulder-length, blunt cut styles that incorporate just a few face-framing layers at the front. This leaves the rest of the hair at the same length, elevating the appearance of thicker locks. 

  • Medium Hair + Long Layers

Ladies wishing for truly textured looks with plenty of movement will adore medium hair with long layers. Hair cuts that fall a few inches below the collar bone are perfect for this as they provide enough length to really show off those longer layers. Shorter pieces at the front will also make the hair appear longer and more shapely yet you still have the bonus of medium length that’s easier to maintain. 

This is the ideal cut for ladies that love to create varying looks with their hair. The long layers look great with half-up-half-down styles, plus, the layers are long enough to be braided or styled into an up-do. 

  • Medium Length Hair + Short Layers

Alternatively, if beautiful hair with tons of volume and texture feels more your style, opt for medium-length hair and short layers. This is another style we highly recommend for those who love to wear their hair down often. This is because it creates such a memorable, shapely look without any accessories thanks to its varying layer lengths.

  • Medium Length Straight Hair

Sometimes, opting for a classic, tried, and tested look is actually all you need to feel renewed. Medium-length straight hair looks eternally chic and works perfectly no matter the occasion. As gorgeous for workdays as it is for off-duty ones, this style even works for red carpet events!

  • Curly Medium Length Hair

Calling all ladies who can’t resist beautiful, bouncy locks, curly medium hair style is for you. The best part is this style works amazingly well on all medium lengths. Plus, you can opt for super tight spiral curls, or laid-back beachy waves depending on your mood and your plans. It’s also one of our favorite medium-length natural hairstyles for warmer weather. 

  • Medium Wavy Hair

When curls feel a little much for you but you still want to add some personality and volume to your locks, choose medium wavy hair looks for a chic, off-duty hair look. We adore this style for everything from brunch dates and beach picnics to work days and early evening drinks!

  • Short Bangs + Medium Length Hair

There’s no doubt about it, short bangs and medium-length hair are a match made in heaven. We recommend a slightly shorter medium length to create this style so that your bangs and the rest of your hair can blend seamlessly together. 

  • Medium Length Asymmetric Cut

To create something a little edgier than your average medium hair style, talk with your stylist about creating a unique, medium-length asymmetric cut. It’s a beautiful way to mix things up in terms of style yet you won’t need to compromise on the length of your locks and can still create tons of different hairstyles with it. 

Which looks are on your must-have list for medium hair? Will you opt for a chic lob and bangs style, or do beachy waves or an asymmetric wow moment take your fancy? Whichever style you decide is right for you, we at Anushka will be more than happy to create it with you here in our stunning penthouse salon!

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