metallic eyeshadow

A Case For Metallic Eyeshadow

metallic eyeshadow

When cosmetics are your everything, experimenting with new and exciting eye makeup can be a daily occurrence for you. If you’re an occasional makeup wearer, however, and only apply a few products to your face each day, metallic eyeshadow may not be something you’ve tried before. Well, whatever your usual routine looks like, we believe there’s always room to go that extra mile, whether for a bold daytime look or just to create something extra special for the evening. Read on and discover the most incredible metallic makeup looks to try right now!

What Is Metallic Eyeshadow?

Unlike your regular matte or shimmery shadow, metallic eyeshadows have a much more pigmented, high shine, metal-like finish. If you imagine the reflective look you’d see on an actual metal surface, well, it’s like that, but for your lids! Glitter shadows have tiny glitter particles that dazzle under the light whereas metallic shadows give a more comprehensive, metal sheen as well as their shimmery glitter effects! You’re really looking for those metallic shades with a high pigment to get this effect and desired smooth texture. Whether it’s silver or gold or even blue or green, metallic shadows come in a huge variety of different col-ors. We especially adore the huge variety of metallic shades available from Urban Decay, Loreal Par-is, and Makeup Factory!

Which Metallic Eyeshadow Will Work For Me?

As we already know, eye shadow comes in thousands of different colors, pigments, and formulas. Many will go for a natural-looking finish whilst others opt for bright and bold ones. Some prefer cream coverage whilst others swear by loose powders. Well, that’s just the same with metallic eyeshadow! It’s all about find-ing the right formula and shade for your skin tone. What works for some might not be the favorite of oth-ers. No matter your preference of eyeshadow you use daily, there’s a metallic shade and formula to suit your routine perfectly. It’s all about testing the shades, playing with different colors and sometimes, even combining a few to create the perfect look for the occasion and time of year.

There’s no need to stick to just one color either because rocking a high shine, glittery shade on your lids is all about confidence and feeling unstoppable! You can definitely afford to be playful when it comes to these shadows and stepping out of your comfort zone is highly recommended. By the time you start blending various shades from your makeup palette together, you’ll find you’ve quickly created over 150 colors!

When Is Best To Wear Metallic Eyeshadow?

We at the Anushka Spa and Salon will always encourage you to reach for your eyeshadow palette when-ever you feel the mood is right! Though it’s less likely that’ll be on a Monday morning at the office and more fitting for Friday night drinks, that’s not to say metal eye looks are a complete no-go on workdays. As long as you find a more subtle approach such as a light silver or timid rose gold, you can take this look right through from day ‘til night!

metallic eyeshadow

Our Favorite Metallic Eyeshadow Looks…

Now for the fun part! Once you’ve selected the shades you love, you’ll get to experiment with each one and find the colors you love on their own and together with another shade! Whether you’ve chosen a few single colors that compliment one another or you’ve invested in a metallic eyeshadow palette with even more shades to try out, you’ll adore creating metallic looks that perfectly work for you and your plans!

Below are just some of our go-to eye shadow looks here at the Anushka Spa. We especially love to create these looks using our fave metallic shades from Makeup Factory. Not only because they’re so beautiful but also because this amazing brand is both dermatologically approved and cruelty-free!

The Smokey Eye

This one’s simply perfect for a date night or any evening outing for that matter! We adore this sultry look which can be created using undertones of black finished off with a highly pigmented metallic silver shad-ow. Two we would recommend for this look are the Black Feathers No. 1 and Starlet Grey No, 9 both by Makeup Factory. Ensure your eyeshadow brush is wet when applying the top coat of shadow at least. This will create a much more intense texture with the desired metallic chrome finish!


Midnight Blue

Take your evening look to the next level with a smokey, yet amazingly colorful eyeshadow look! You can create the most alluring midnight blue themed eye using a light base of Black Feathers No 1, Darkest Blue No. 72, and a light dusting of Light Teal No. 64 to brighten the eyes and add depth to the smokier shades below!

Sparkling Silver or Gold

Once again we highly recommend using a wet brush to get the most even, chrome textured finish when creating your silver or gold metallic eyeshadow looks. Our favorite shades for these looks are, Peach Gold No. 36 for a metallic look with a warm glow, White Gold No. 40 for a striking gold finish with a little more oomph and shimmer, and India Ivory No. 12 for any icy finish that’s perfect for the winter months!

metallic eyeshadow

Romantic Rose Gold

Whether it’s your date night, a special anniversary or you simply just adore rose gold shades as we do, this look is perfect! Using a custom blend of Golden Terra No. 33 and the sweetly soft, Rose Treasure No. 26F, the result is undeniably pretty. Though it’s a softer approach than the smokey eye looks we love so much, it still makes a huge impact that can be worn day or night!

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