Nail Trends in 2019

There are several trends out there that can be tweaked to fit your personal style and taste. From bold nails to crazy nail designs, nail art enthusiasts all agree it is time to put away dark fall colors and bring in the fun bright spring and summer polishes. If you are unsure of where to start with the current manicure trends, stop at your local nail salon in West Palm Beach for expert advice.

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Part of face, young woman close up. Sexy plump lips after filler injection and syringe injection to nasolabial fold. Beauty concept.

The Real Lip Injection Lowdown

Nothing can bring about feelings from “perfect pucker” to “crazy clown” like a conversation about lip injections. Husbands around the globe warn their wives “don’t ever!” High-profile areas like L.A., New York, and sometimes Palm Beach tend to have more “over the top” people that tend to give non-surgical enhancements a bad rap. Dr. Bonnie squashes your fears by offering her expert advice!

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