Anushka Spa & Salon On Trend Watch: Honey Amber Highlights

Now that summer is in full swing, we’re all craving golden highlights. Perhaps you’re naturally blessed with blond locks, maybe you’ve worked with your stylist to achieve the perfect dyed shade. Either way, we can all benefit from the wonders of lighter, face-framing pieces and an update to our look. If you’re craving something a little unique that’s in keeping with your current color, you in the right place. We’ve fallen completely in love with honey amber highlights. And you can trust us, you’re about to too!

What Are Honey Amber Highlights?

Every so often, there are hair color trends so stunning, there’s no way you can possibly resist them. Well, honey amber highlights are our latest, must-have discovery and we’re so excited to share them with you!

How are honey amber highlights different from regular blond highlights? Firstly, honey amber highlights have a distinct rose gold look about them. Unlike other golden blond highlights, this look has a much warmer finish. This works to warm up, not only your hair but also your complexion. 

Meanwhile, choosing this shade of tonal blonde highlights is sure to add depth to your look. You’ll leave the salon with multi-dimensional locks that give off a gorgeous, warm glow. Amber honey highlights also blend seamlessly with almost all blond and light brown hair types.

Amber Highlights For Brown Hair

Those with very dark brown hair may find this particular shade a little too contrasting to their current shade. That said, there are always options when it comes to color. Your stylist will certainly be able to suggest an amber tone that’s right for you. Undoubtedly, amber highlights will add warmth and dimension to your beautiful brown hair. Not to mention it’ll also give it an irresistibly copper-rose glow that’s perfect from summer through to fall/winter. 

Now for those with a light chocolate brown color or a light brown base with warm undertones. In this case, lighter honey amber highlights are totally achievable. Once your appointment is over, your hair will have taken on the most incredible rose gold shine. This also means any styles you do from a simple ponytail to a head full of curls will look instantly more prominent and impressive. Additionally, thanks to improved shine and contrasting amber tones your locks will make an instant statement!

Your stylist is always the best person to consult with when it comes to deciding on a new color. Luckily, our incredibly talented team of hair technicians here at the Anushka hair salon are ready and waiting to make your color dreams a reality!

Honey Amber Highlights For Blond Hair

Without question, honey amber highlights were made for blond hair. It’s the perfect option to mix things up when you’re used to a simpler version of golden highlights. Additionally, from cool-toned to warmer, sandier hair colors, this trend will suit all!

We first became besotted with this trend because of the warmth it offers to our hair and complexion. The addition of rose gold tones to already blond locks is a match made in heaven after all! Instantly, you’ll notice an intense depth of color that you didn’t have previously. Not to mention it’s the perfect transitional trend in terms of summer to fall hair coloring. 

Once your hair is freshly colored, you’ll want to make sure it stays looking and feeling its best. For this, we recommend the Bright Blonde shampoo for beautiful color and the accompanying conditioner, both by Oribe. These amazing products will both maintain and restore brightness to your blond hair. They’ll also deeply nourish it from root to tip!

Why Should I Choose Amber Honey Highlights?

There are many reasons to choose honey amber highlights, other than the fact they just look so luxurious! Additionally, choosing an amber glow is the perfect way to make a statement with your hair. Lots of people have blond hair but not so many go for the amber touch. Choosing this look will, therefore, make you stand out in the crowd in all the right ways!

In addition to the unique wow factor amber honey highlights give your hair, they also suit the majority of skin tones! This is thanks to the warm undertones that shine through once this multi-dimensional color has been applied.

If you do decide to opt for honey amber highlights, make sure you keep them looking soft and shiny. This can be easily achieved with the Touche Chromatique + Thick Hair Masque by Kerastase.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Honey Amber Highlights?

In truth, we believe you should follow your heart when it comes to hair color. It may seem like the natural move to try lighter colors in summer and darker ones in winter. However, if you feel inspired to try something new, you know it will suit you, and give you confidence, we say go for it no matter the month on the calendar. That said, you may be looking for a shade that works incredibly well all year round. If so, amber honey highlights sit at number one on our list of recommendations! 

Why? When you already have stunning light blond tones running through your hair, amber honey highlights will simply enhance. You’ll be adding depth and dimension to your locks with a sunset glow. That’s a warm-weather dream and also works beautifully for adding depth in the colder months. 

At the same time, if your hair is brown and you choose amber honey highlights, that too works year-round. Those soft flecks of honey will give shine and definition to your brown locks for summer. In the winter months, your tresses will appear lifted and shiny, never drab or dull!

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