Best Short Natural Hair Styles for Blonde Hair

Best Short Natural Hair Styles for Blonde Hair

Since you’re here, we’ll go ahead and guess you’re currently on the hunt for new and inspiring short natural hair styles. Luckily, we’re about to reveal some of the most amazing, versatile, and easy to create short hairstyles natural hair could wish for. 

What’s more, we know that taking care of naturally blonde hair (whether it’s dyed or you were born with it) is no mean feat. We’ve chosen hairstyles that are not only beautiful but will be kind to your blonde natural hair too. Keep scrolling and be prepared to discover how to style short natural hair in some truly new and exciting ways.

The Best Natural Hairstyles for Short Blonde Hair

From extra short contemporary cuts for minimum maintenance to beautiful short natural hair twist styles that provide ultimate protection. Finding the right style and the length of your short hair will make your blonde locks all the more enjoyable. So, let’s dive in and find your favorites…

Mini Twist Bun

If your short blonde natural hair is currently styled into mini twists, you have plenty to play with that. One of our favorite short natural hair twist styles for blondes? The mini twist bun. Perfect for everything from workdays to gym sessions. This chic style will work hard for you no matter where you choose to wear it.

Simply gather your twists upwards to your desired height (we personally think the higher the better!) leaving one or two twists loose at the front. This will keep your bun looking chic and relaxed rather than pristine and overly done. Next, to keep your style together, secure it in place with an organic cotton hair tie. The natural fabric will be gentle on your blonde natural hair keeping your style up all day whilst causing zero-damage, even when you remove it. 

And that’s it! A simple style you can create in just a couple of minutes and wear on repeat no matter the season.

Natural Blonde Mohawk

When it comes to striking natural hairstyles that make an instant impression, we defy you to find one more memorable than the natural blonde mohawk. Very short on the sides and beautifully voluminous on top, this style is perfect for anyone wanting to try something new and a little daring! Additionally, it’s especially perfect for the summer months and will make any outfit you wear going forward look instantly elevated. Summer dresses will give off a more modern edge, and yes, even a simple white shirt and jeans will take on a whole new level of style when you wear it with this head-turning haircut.

Short Allover Curls

Those will tight natural blonde curls will love this low-maintenance style. Not only does it basically style itself, but it also looks incredibly chic and works beautifully for every shade of blonde out there. From white blonde to honey-toned natural hair, this look is the one we recommend for anyone who loves to appear put together at all times. Especially those with minimal time (or interest) to dedicate to styling each day.

Side Twisted Twists

Other natural hair twist styles for short hair we love include a twist of your twists. With all of your hair down, simply take a small section of your twists from one side. Then, gently wrap them around each other moving back and away from your face. Use a bobby pin, clip, or barrette of your choice to secure it in place and you’re done! A stunning blonde hairstyle you can create literally in seconds that looks good all day (or night) long.

Best Natural Hairstyle for Short Thin Blonde Hair

If your hair is on the thinner side but you want to keep it blonde and style it in a unique and flattering way, we have just the styles!

The Beautiful Blonde Buzz Cut

Is it bold? Yes. Will you love it? Absolutely!

Though the style may seem scary if it’s a look you’ve never tried before. We can promise you, once you have it, you’ll fall in love completely. Because not only is this cut beautifully modern and undeniably cool, it’s also super low maintenance not to mention unique. Unlike other longer looks that require constant adjustments and take a lot of time to style every morning. This is one you can wake up in a stroll out the door five minutes later if you need to.

Easy to look after and guaranteed to attract an endless stream of compliments? We’re on board.

A Short, Textured Cut With Volume On Top

Natural hairstyles for blondes may be everywhere but if you have low-density natural hair that you feel is lacking in volume, they can be tricky to recreate. Luckily, short textured styles exist and will work wonders for your blonde natural hair. This textured cut adds shape and dimension to your hair that you wouldn’t see if it’s left all one length. What’s more, having shorter sides and a longer length on top creates the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair that looks seriously amazing on blondes!

Recommended Hair Care Routines for Thin Hair

Whether you’re concerned about your fine blonde hair getting damaged, it already is damaged, or you’re happy with the thickness and simply want to maintain the condition it’s in, we have a few tips for you to follow.

Whilst you do, it’s important to remember that if your hair hasn’t always been thin but has gradually started to get that way, many factors could be causing it. Constant dyeing, pregnancy, styles that consistently pull too hard on the hair, or sometimes even mild health conditions could be the culprit. Make sure you know which is likely for you in case there’s something you could do to help it heal.

What do we recommend in the meantime?

  • Condition your hair consistently – Skipping this step in the wash process will only serve to make your hair drier and more susceptible to breakage. Make sure that doesn’t happen by investing in a great conditioner that’s designed to deeply nourish and moisturize your blonde natural hair.
  • Eat and drink well – How you treat your body on the inside will always affect the outside. Therefore, we should be trying our best to take care of ourselves through the things we eat and drink. Healthy skin, nails, and hair will struggle to stay strong if they don’t have the nutrients they need. That’s why we recommend stocking up on nutrient-rich foods that will benefit thinning hai. Say for example, eggs, carrots, leafy greens, salmon, and avocados.
  • Take breaks from dyeing your hair – We all love to maintain our hair color as it was when we first colored it. Constant lightening can really take its toll and end up frying your locks. This makes them prone to breakage and thinning. So, be sure to go easy if you use dye or bleach to achieve your blonde locks. Stylist can talk you through cuts, styles, and ways of coloring that look amazing even during the grow-out process!

We hope our rundown has inspired you to create something new and exciting with your hair going forward. The only question is, which of these styles will you choose to accentuate your fierce blonde natural hair? We can’t wait to welcome you to our salon and help you achieve it!

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