Biohack Your Health With Biofeedback

Why Should You Hack Your Health?

People all around the world have benefited from getting a bio-communication scan. What would it mean for you to get a full body system analysis in as little as 4 minutes with the chance to have immediate results and a wellness protocol customized for your needs? Now is your chance to hack your health at Anushka Spa & Salon.

Read on to learn how you can receive personalized results to help you hack your own healthcare with this non-invasive scan.

What Is A Bio Feedback Body Scan?

Imagine having a google-like search engine for your body? The similarities between a bio feedback body scan and Google search start with the question and the way the information is gathered to answer it.

We know Google crawls web pages for specific search terms, while the ZYTO Biofeedback system scans for the body’s reaction to a specified item (or search terms) that may be stressors or balancers to the body.

We are able to utilize the ZYTO biofeedback scan system to collect data directly from your body that provides insights into your personal wellness. The insights from this scan allow us to see a digital signature representing physical and emotional components as well as the impact on your organs and body systems. Many of these insights may have previously gone unnoticed. However, this scan allows us the opportunity to remove those common verbal communication barriers, which gives us the ability to scan for a number of considerations that the body responds to.

We can then see out of range items in your body’s four core systems and how they correlate with each other. These four systems include your Detoxification system, your Endocrine/Hormone system, your Immune system, and your Gastrointestinal system. And like Google, ZYTO responses are prioritized according to their relevance.

What Does A Bio Feedback Body Scan Reveal?

ZYTO is known for precise relevant results. Why? Because the hardware and software accurately measures the body’s responses each and every time through the body’s galvanic skin response system for fluctuations as the search term is introduced. After a ZYTO scan, you are able to easily see which nutritional products and other wellness items the body responded to most significantly. The first part of the ZYTO report is set up similarly to a search engine results page with the most coherent items listed at the top, and from there you can dive deeper to discover more information.

Based on these results, we can focus on specific individual wellness areas and goals. At the same time we can identify your biological coherence to nutrition. Everyone is different in his or her response to a given supplement, food, or other external influence and therefore it’s important to understand your bio-individuality.

With the Zyto biofeedback scans we can actually see how the body responds as digital signatures to supplements, essential oils, and foods. The body will have it’s own biological coherence and the Zyto scan ranks these various items in order so you can see which ones are most coherence for your body to bring you back into a balanced range.

You will know immediately which products your body shows a biological coherence for. And since your body changes over time, getting scanned every month will assist you in making customized adjustments to your wellness plan as time goes on. Data from each scan can be compared to help you and your practitioner see trends and patterns over time that assists in a comprehensive timeline plan for maintaining your overall wellness.

What Do You Need To Improve?

Are you looking to improve your energy? Or supporting longevity with an anti-aging health approach? Do you need support in weight management? Or are you looking for natural solutions to help with stress and anxiety? A biofeedback ZYTO scan can assist you with hacking your health in whatever area of wellness you are looking to improve in. These virtual items in the ZYTO system are categorized into wellness areas so your practitioner can assess those categories that are most relevant to you and your goals.

Technology is supporting us into biohacking our healthcare in this modern world. Many people have turned to wearable technology that tracks things such as distanced traveled, calories burned, hours slept, heart rate, and so on. All of this in an effort to improve their overall wellness. Similarly our ZYTO system is capable of tracking wellness factors over time with the ability to track hundreds of data points in comparison which helps paint an in depth picture of your individual wellness. This will help us take more intentional steps to better health and achieving your goals.

Ready To Bio Hack Your Health?

If you’ve pursued ways to improve your physical, mental, emotional, or cellular health, then you are biohacking your healthcare. It’s time to take better steps to understand your body and what better way to do that then with an effective 5-minute full body scan with instant results. A ZYTO bio-communication scan can provide insights into your personal wellness that may be going unnoticed…
Are you ready to Biohack your health and tap deeper into your health potential?

Contact Anushka Spa & Salon at 561.820.8055 to schedule your health hack!

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