Named one of the “Top 10 Medspas” in the world by London’s Tatler Magazine, Anushka’s state-of-the-art Cosmedical Centre boasts the latest in cutting-edge anti-aging procedures.

The Anushka Cosmedical Centre offers the latest in non-invasive anti-aging treatments including injectables, medical-grade peels, skin rejuvenation and body sculpting, operated by our esteemed team of professionals; Medical Director Dr. Steven Fagien, MD.; and Director of Medical Aesthetics Dr. Bonnie Marting D.N.P., A.N.R.P.

Cellulite Reduction

You are individually guided through a holistic, customized program including a lifestyle consultation, nutritional guidance, body smoothing spa treatments, exercise routines and specially formulated cellulite products, developed by the Anushka beauty labs, promising a prescription for results!

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Fat Loss Solutions

Anushka’s body sculpting programs are the most effective non-invasive treatments to improve body shape. Embark on an individualized, 360-degree beautification journey and undergo a total body metamorphosis with Anushka herself.

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Our cosmedical wing offers several different types of non-invasive injectables to help you achieve in minutes what took years to develop. We offer all the leading name-brand products to instantly reverse years of aging, including wrinkle relaxers, cosmetic fillers, collagen builders, and other revolutionary products to help reverse or prevent the signs of aging.

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Smooth Skin

In just a few sessions, our laser hair removal technology will eliminate hair growth from small areas such underarms as well as large areas such as bikini, legs, back and more. Our laser hair removal machine is a quick, non-invasive way to remove hair, taking just minutes to complete per session. Our aesthetic experts recommend 4-6 treatments for optimal, long-term results.

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Radiant Complexion

At the Anushka Cosmedical Centre, we offer a variety of types of chemical peels. All of our treatments work by either gently or aggressively removing the top layer, or layers, of skin so that new, firm, healthy skin may rise to the surface and provide for a more youthful, radiant complexion. When choosing the right peel for you, consider whether a light, medium or deep peel will give you the most optimal results.

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Wake Up Beautiful

Permanent or semi-permanent makeup is the technique of using specialized, highly-detailed machines to insert pigment similar to that of tattoo ink, into the layers of the skin in order to mimic the look of natural lashes or makeup. These delicate, cosmetic procedures require years of experience to master and an exacting precision to implement.

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Youthful Skin

A beauty treatment utilized for over 20 years is now more effective than ever at the hands of the aesthetic experts at Anushka Spa. In just one treatment, help introduce natural youth-restoring collagen and elastin to the skin’s surface for the ultimate in skin tightening.

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Radiant Complexion

The expert aestheticians at Anushka Spa utilize their surgical touch to remove fine layers of dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, radiant complexion, enhanced with a layer of active, illuminating skin tonics.

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About Anushka Cosmedical Centre

The Anushka Cosmedical Centre is the premier med spa in the Palm Beaches, offering the most advanced de-aging procedures available today. Our clients have praised Dr. Bonnie Marting for her compassion for understanding their needs, while delivering excellence through her exacting form. Dr. Bonnie Marting is distinguished among other practitioners as both a teacher and a leader in the aesthetics community at large. Her work has been published in several medical journals and she is consulted about current and future formulations within the aesthetics industry.

Whether you are looking for treatments to prevent or delay aging, or are wanting to rewind the years, the Anushka Cosmedical Centre has all of the best solutions for your anti-aging needs. We specialize in everything from entry-level wrinkle relaxers and fillers, to resurfacing medical peels and non-invasive face lifts. We are proud to be able to carry some of the most state-of-the-art treatments which require absolute excellence in patient care.

We invite you to take a look at our library of results in our gallery section.


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