Disaster diy fixers

Disaster DIY Fixes

Disaster diy fixers

All this social distancing has turned many of us into self-proclaimed beauty therapists! Sadly, that doesn’t mean we’re actually any good at the treatments we decided to DIY and some of the outcomes are nothing but ghastly! Reshaping your brows or finally getting bangs might have seemed like a good idea at home but as we move towards reuniting with friends and family, the harsh reality of our talents, or lack thereof, is becoming apparent! Maybe you’ve botched your bangs, you might have exfoliated your skin to the brink of dehydration, or perhaps you’re working with seriously over-tweezed brows! No matter which it is, read on and discover the most common beauty DIY disasters and teach yourself how to fix them with our handy guide!

Botched Bangs

Bad Bangs

We understand botched bangs can feel like the end of the world. When you move the scissors away and see that jagged edge, shorter than short chop, or lopsided sweep, your first instinct is to panic! Now, there is obviously no way to add hair back on to bangs you’ve cut too short. There are, however, several ways you can style your bangs to hide your mistake and they actually look amazing! Additionally, if it’s a case that they’re simply uneven, too thick, or too thin and you don’t trust yourself to fix the issue, our hair styling artisans here at the Anushka Spa hair salon will certainly be able to help you! Thinning out thicker bangs, straightening an uneven line, or adding a little more hair in the right shape to those wispy pieces is no problem!

Now, styling short bangs to conceal them couldn’t be easier! Here are our favorite ways to do that…

  • Braiding 

With all of your hair down, start on one side of your bangs and divide a small section of hair into three evenly sized pieces. Go ahead and start braiding them in a sideways motion across your hairline. If your bangs are long enough not to poke out, you can also add in pieces from the front of your hair. This will make the braid thicker and further hide the shorter pieces. You’ll be left with a beautiful braid along the front of your hairline with no sign of bad bangs! Secure with a couple of bobby pins and you’re all set.

  • Twisting 

As you did with the braid style, start to one side of your bangs and begin twisting them sideways, adding in more and more of your bangs as your twist. Secure with a bobby pin or two then slightly tease the twist to give it a prettier, more laid-back finish. Just watch you don’t tease so much that you begin to pull pieces out and give the game away!

  • Alice/Fabric Headbands

Both Alice bands and fabric headbands are a great way to conceal unsightly bangs. Use an Alice band to push them back and brush them away into the rest of your hair. Alternatively, fabric headbands are a great way of concealing them all together as you can determine the thickness and where you choose to tie it together!

Overworked Skin

Overworked Skin

Overworked skin is a friend to nobody! Perhaps you’ve gone in way too hard (or too often) with facial scrubs, you went overboard whilst squeezing at blocked pores, or maybe you’ve used too many competing products in your skincare routine. Whichever is true for you, the results are usually red, shiny, puffy skin that feels irritated and looks aged before its time. If this sounds like your situation, there’s no need to worry as you can fix it with just a little time, dedication, and the right products. 

Firstly, stop using the products and tools you think caused the irritation and avoid direct sunlight whilst your skin recovers. Then, once the inflammation begins to improve, you can start replacing the harsher items in your regimen with those containing softer, more healing ingredients. 

  • Cleanse

When it comes to cleanser, choose one that will be kind to your skin such as the iS Clinical Cream Cleanser for dry skin. This lightweight formula gives a powerful clean yet is gentle on sensitive skin as it works to preserve its natural protective barrier. It’ll also moisturize the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth as you rinse the product away with water.

  • Repair

Another iS Clinical product we recommend for damaged skin is the GeneXC repair serum. This serum will help to repair and restore your skin’s DNA by supporting collagen and elastin production. It also promotes moisture and supports cellular regeneration whilst aiding the overall health and integrity of your skin.

  • Moisturize

In the case of skincare DIY disasters, face masks are one of the ultimate skincare products you can use to help regenerate and heal dehydrated skin. We recommend the Glytone Rejuvenating Mask in this case. It’s full of skin-enhancing ingredients such as collagen and Vitamin C which will work to hydrate and brighten overworked, dry skin in a matter of minutes!

glytone rejuvenating mask moisturizer

Over Plucked Brows

Those who lived through the ’90s or early 2000s know the pain of over plucked brows all too well! So, if you’ve gone a little overboard lately and want to add more volume and definition to your brows, try a great brow powder or brow pencil to add to your natural brow hairs. This will temporarily imitate natural hair growth whilst you wait for those eyebrow hairs to reappear over the next few weeks! We here at the Anushka Spa and Salon swear by Makeup Factory’s Eyebrow Powder with key brow stencils! It comes in three different shades, each with two coordinating powders which you can blend and make the right shade for you! 

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