Dreaming Of Blond Locks: 4 Things to Know Before You Go Platinum

At some point or another, most have us have thought about taking the plunge and going blond. Whether your hair color’s naturally lighter or you’re after a dramatic change, super light locks can be truly beautiful! Speaking of super light, you may be toying with the idea of pulling a Kim Kardashian and opting for a platinum blond. It’s a striking shade that really makes an impact so it’s no wonder it’s quite so popular. That said there are lots of things to think about before diving in and booking a salon appointment. Your hair is in for a big change. Luckily, we’re here to fill you in on all of the main points you need to consider…

Platinum Blond

Its Time Consuming & Expensive

When deciding to treat your natural hair to a stylish blond update, it’s important to remember the cost involved. Your new hair will undoubtedly look beautiful but, unfortunately, it’s unlikely to come cheap!

Why? This is down to several factors. Firstly, unlike going from blond to a darker color or something such as red, or pink, getting your hair to a bright shade of blond takes time. This is especially true if you’re starting out with brown on black hair for example. You will need more than one treatment to ensure your hair reaches the correct shade. This is also, as you can imagine, pretty time-consuming!

Additionally, in terms of your bank balance, achieving platinum blond status can be pretty costly. The initial appointment aside, upkeep is essential for platinum blond hair. The root contrast is much more noticeable with this ultra-light shade, therefore frequent touch-ups are a must!

The cost will also depend on the color, length, and texture of your hair. If you’ve very long hair, for example, the cost may be more for you than for those with a bob.

 stylish blond

Expect Frequent Maintenance

As we mentioned, platinum blond hair requires a great deal of upkeep. As your roots begin to grow through, the color contrast will become noticeable rather quickly. Therefore, you can expect to be making more appointments at the salon than you’re used to. 

This will also be true for the color itself. You’ll need to make sure your color stays bright and doesn’t dull over time. This will also need the assistance of your favorite stylist!

Platinum Blond Hair

Your Hair Will Be Fragile

When opting for platinum blond, unfortunately, damage and dryness are sometimes part of the package. This is because bleaching your hair alters hair texture as the chemical within bleach permanently lightens the color. Damage to your hair might be noticeable in the form of fragility and sometimes even brittleness depending on what you started with. 

Our stylists here at the Anushka Spa and salon will always assess your hair before bleaching and will be able to recommend whether or not it’s for you based on the condition of your locks. Elsewhere, however, you may find you’re not offered the same treatment. This is also true for at-home hair bleaching. Therefore, we always recommend booking in with a professional to make sure your natural hair is in good enough condition to be able to cope with your new shade!

The Right Products Are Vital

All of these potential issues aside, there’s no denying that platinum blond locks can look and feel absolutely amazing! If you’ve always wanted to rock those lighter locks and your stylist agrees your hair can take it, we say go for it! 

Once you’re rocking your new lighter look, there are lots of ways you can take care of your hair. This will be essential if you want to avoid long term damage and maintain healthy-looking tresses in the long run. 

For example, when it comes to washing your hair, an excellent shampoo and deep conditioners, are always recommended. Those looking for recommendations won’t find better than Kerastase’s Blond Absolu purple shampoo and conditioners. We absolutely adore the Bain Ultra-Violet Purple shampoo. This gorgeous formula contains hyaluronic acid which is highly recommended for platinum blonds. This particular ingredient neutralizes brassy hair. This will keep your locks in pristine condition whilst ensuring it stays luminous. 

When you really need a blond moisture boost, treat your locks to the Masque Ultra Violet purple hair mask. This too will neutralize any brassy tones. Meanwhile, it will nourish the hair fibers deeply resulting in shiny, healthy hair!

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