Electric peel facial

Electric Feel Facial

“I said ooh girl!” Ok, now that MGMT’s “Electric Feel” chorus is in your head, let’s talk about something that is “currently” pulsing through the beauty industry. It’s the in-spa and at-home electric facial treatment made possible by a little device from NuFace.

While the technology is not new per say (some experts say it’s been around since the 1800’s, in fact) the opportunity to bring this technology home, is. The treatment has gained popularity in part due to the highly viral nature of this social media-friendly at-home beauty regimen.

Until now, microcurrent technology was primarily available only at luxury spas. Administered by trained pros, microcurrent machines deliver very low voltage electrical currents that stimulate collagen and elastin production while repairing damaged cells. With regular use, microcurrent facials help to erase fine lines and wrinkles while lifting and toning delicate facial muscles. In addition, regular use of microcurrent technology on the face can reduce puffiness, increase cellular activity, and tighten pores.

Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre is proud to be partnering with NuFace, the leader in facial microcurrent technology, by offering both spa and at-home treatments. The in-spa experience, administered by our professional aestheticians, uses a more powerful electric current technology than the at-home version and can be added to most of our facial offerings for $99.

Clients can also purchase the Trinity Toning or Skin Toning devices for daily treatments in-between spa visits. Several at-home treatments, including a daily 5-minute ritual and 15-minute facial lift, can help visibly lift and tone facial skin in 2 months.

We’re not sure if it’s a coincidence that NuFace devices and MGMT’s “Electric Feel” were released at about the same time (2005 and 2007, respectively), but we can’t help but share the coincidence, and this opening verse:

“All along the western front

People line up to receive

She got the power in her hand

Just shock you like you won’t believe”

To book an electric facial at our award-winning spa, please call 561-820-0500 or visit Book.AnushkaSpa.com to reserve online.

Peel Facial
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