Essentials Safety Protocols

Essential Safety Protocols To Look For In A Salon and Spa During Covid

In these trying and stressful times, few things are more relaxing than a trip to the salon & spa. Alongside that, few things are more important than ensuring it’s a totally safe space to be in. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of essential safety protocols to look out for the next time you book in for your favorite beauty treatment or spa day

Whether weekly visits are on your agenda or the odd treat is more likely, making sure each and every one of these measures have been considered and taken care of will make for a worry free visit. An essential element to enjoying your well earned time at the spa!

Adequate Social Distancing Between Staff And Guests

One of the most important things we can do to stop the spread of covid 19 is to keep a sensible amount of distance between ourselves and others. Therefore, making sure the spa you visit allows for that to happen is so important.

They can easily achieve this by limiting the number of clients allowed into the space at one time. This means clients can enjoy their time inside whilst having the ability to keep a safe distance from other clients. This needs assessment right from the waiting room to the treatment spaces themselves. 

Access To Hand Sanitizer In Salons And Spas

Another main way to stop the spread is to keep our hands constantly clean. This means we’ll need access to hand sanitizer throughout the visit. Make sure before you make an appointment that you enquire about this availability. It’s one of the quickest and easiest ways we can keep ourselves and others safe after all. 

Even if you plan on taking your own hand sanitizer with you, still make this a priority. Why? If the spa you visit hasn’t thought of this simple measure, they’ve likely missed other important areas too. It could also mean that other clients and staff have touched surfaces without properly sterilized hands. This, of course, is one of many ways the virus can spread. 

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Make Sure They Insist On Everybody Wearing Masks

If the Covid 19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how vitally important face coverings are. They’re the simplest and most truly effective way of ensuring the virus doesn’t spread from, or into your mouth or nose. 

What’s more, those with the virus do not always display symptoms. We can be carrying it unknowingly and pass it on without feeling unwell for even one moment. Therefore, keeping our mouths and noses covered with a medical-grade mask in public areas at all times is vitally important. 

Frequent Cleaning and Disinfection For Health And Safety

Even when every team member and client is as careful as can be, it’s still possible for the virus to enter a space unknowingly. For that reason, you’ll want to be certain that the salon or spa you choose to visit takes every precaution when it comes to the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting. This goes for seating areas, equipment, surfaces, and more. Anything that has human contact should be cleaned after each use. 

Doing this makes sure there can be no transfer of germs from person to person. Especially as they sit and relax in the same areas one after another. 

Frequent Cleaning and Disinfection For Health And Safety

Check Out Large and Small Businesses On Social Media

Checking a facility’s Instagram account, website, or Facebook page is a great way to make sure they’re actively following safety protocols before your visit. These are serious times and you want to know you’ll be looked after when you choose to enter a space!

So long as they’re considering all aspects of safety, their page should be offering that information out freely!

See That Staff Are Following Safety Measures Too

It’s all well and good to make sure clients are following safety protocols. However, if staff aren’t, environments can quickly become unsafe. From nail salon technicians to massage therapists, every person working at your chosen salon should be working together to make it the safest environment possible. For you, and them!

How The Anushka Spa & Salon Is Ensuring Safe Visits For Both Clients & Staff

Here at the Anushka Spa & Salon, we ensure every guest and staff member has a safety screening on arrival. We carry out temperature checks and ensure they are fully equipped with all of the protective safety gear they need. Sanitizer is readily available and everybody wears a mask at all times. What’s more, all areas are frequently cleaned and disinfected. 

We also have extended opening hours and limited availability for our services. This ensures proper social distancing can take place throughout the day. 

Additionally, we have eliminated as many touchpoints as possible throughout our spa. From contactless check-in (available on your mobile phone) to providing pointers to access elevator buttons. That said, at all points of contact that people may touch, we clean properly with sanitizer in between guests. This includes door handles, seating, switches, elevator buttons, and more. 

We have also installed perspex and plexiglass dividers throughout the facility. Apple pay is available for contactless checkout too. 

We cannot wait to welcome and ensure you have a safe and restorative visit with us!

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