Hair Color With Zero Commitment

Exclusive: Change Your Hair Color with Zero Commitment

Hair Color With Zero Commitment

When it comes to hair colors, we all fancy a change up every now and then. That said, whether it’s once a week, once a year or even once a decade, trying out a brand new shade can be super daunting! Even if it’s a color you’ve wanted for as long as you can remember (or you’re just feeling particularly impulsive right now!) there’s no way to tell exactly how it will look on you until you take the plunge and go for it!

Now, the ‘going for it’ part, is exactly why so many of us spend half our lives scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram saving images of fabulously colored tresses that we’re too scared to actually try! After all, the wanting of that new hair color is a lot less scary than actually having it. Not to mention the thought of potentially disliking it, or simply tiring of it too quickly. Well, no more! Get ready to look pretty in pink, rav-ishing as a redhead, and beautiful in bold blue! We’ve rounded up the most coveted products allowing you to try out that dream color right now with zero commitment. Say hello to our top recommended semi-permanent hair colors and coveted color match extensions!

Which Temporary Hair Dye Do We Recommend?

Choosing which hair dye to use is just as important as the color itself! You need to find the right one for you. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and uncovered some of the absolute best out there!

Firstly, we recommend the Semi-Permanent Hair Color by Manic Panic! Manic Panic semi-permanent col-ors are vegan and cruelty-free. They also offer over 40 incredible shades in the most vibrant colors you could ever imagine! All of which offer a fortified cream conditioning base to ensure your hair stays healthy and smooth throughout the coloring process! These dyes should last up to 6 weeks so you have time to enjoy it but aren’t committing to anything in the long term!

We also highly recommend Lime Crime’s Unicorn Beauty semi-permanent hair dyes. Unicorn Beauty dyes come in 11 stunning shades from pastel pinks to rich caramel browns. We’re in love!

If you’re looking for an even faster turn around on your hair color, opt for Loreal Paris’s range! They offer everything from one-day hair color makeup that lasts 24 hours to those that last a few weeks or more!

Achieve Fuller And Longer Colored Locks?

How Can You Achieve Fuller And Longer Colored Locks?

When we’re looking for a change to the appearance of our hair, that often includes the length as well as the color! But, how do we achieve that perfect marriage and avoid a mismatch between our own hair and our extensions? The answer, is simple, Platinum Seamless extensions! Platinum Seamless are industry leaders when it comes to real Remy hair extensions, they’re also the absolute best at color matching! Their innovative dual-level color system ensures you get the perfect match to your hair color from root to tip! Not to mention their 100% damage free, tinted gel adhesive strips are available in a wide variety of colors to ensure your extension application is undetectable and looks totally natural!

How To Use Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Just as with permanent hair color, hair coloring with semi-permanent dye requires we follow a few specific steps. This will ensure we get great coverage and cover over our base color! Firstly, check whether or not your chosen dye requires that you wash your hair beforehand. Once you’ve washed, or not washed your locks in line with the directions, use the gloves provided and apply the dye to your strands as directed! Most semi-permanent dyes take between 10 and 30 minutes to develop but you’ll need to follow the instructions on your chosen product to get it exact! Finally, after the required time has passed and your stresses have soaked up all that gorgeous color, go ahead a rinse it all out! Once the water runs clear, you’re on to the next step. Caring for those freshly dyed tresses…

semi-permanent hair dye before and after

Caring For Newly Dyed Hair

There are so many ways we can make sure we get the most out of our newly colored locks and keep them protected! Whether it’s a particularly nourishing shampoo and conditioner combo, letting it air dry instead of applying tons of heat or opting for weekly hair masks! We here in West Palm Beach recommend the Masque Chromatique Fine Hair mask by Kerastase. Apply this highly nourishing mask to towel-dried hair to preserve the color of your locks and improve its manageability! It’s especially recommended for those with fine, freshly colored hair!

How Can We Help You Achieve Your New Color?

If you’re now feeling totally inspired to get your locks colored with a gorgeous semi-permanent shade, we don’t blame you! From very dark hair to light blond hair, we’ll help you achieve your desired shade and advise which is best for your skin tone! Our stylists here at the Anushka Hair Salon West Palm Beach are just a short walk or drive from bustling Clematis Street, the Norton Museum of Art, and Antique row. Book yourself in for a luxurious appointment the next time you’re in West Palm Beach and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you and get your hair to the shade you’ve always dreamed of!

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