hair extensions 101

Hair Extensions 101

Whether you’re wishing for sweeping sun-kissed locks for summer or thinking ahead to gorgeous glossy lengths for fall and winter, our hair extensions 101 is here to help! We’ll provide you with all the info you need and answer every question you have. Longer, fuller, and shinier hair is right around the corner and the Anushka Spa & Salon is here help you get it!

Are Hair Extensions Right For Me And My Hair?

Anybody looking to achieve extra length, volume, and an overall look of healthy, shiny lengths is a great candidate for hair extensions. And yes, even if you have short hair, fine hair, or thin hair, it can happen for you. In fact, almost all hair types are suitable for extensions and our highly trained and experienced hair technicians will always be able to advise you on the best length and volume for your current style. 

So, if you’re considering extensions for the first time or want to try something new with your length and volume this time around, come and see us at our luxurious penthouse salon in the heart of Rosemary square. We guarantee you’ll leave your appointment with the locks of your dreams!

Hair Extensions Right For Me

Which Hair Extensions Are Available At The Anushka Spa & Salon?

When it comes to the type of extensions you want incorporating into your natural hair, we’re confident you won’t find better than Platinum Seamless. The Anushka Spa & Hair Salon are proud providers of Platinum Seamless extensions as they are the most innovative, high-quality extensions available anywhere in the world. Not only do they provide the most incredible volume and length to your locks, but they also look and feel amazing. 

Additionally, the expertly crafted Platinum Seamless attachment process has revolutionized the way in which we achieve and wear extensions forever… but we’ll get to that very soon!

Hair Extensions Are Available At The Anushka Spa & Salon

Will Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Thanks to a uniquely designed, customizable attachment method, Platinum Seamless hair extensions, guarantee not to damage your hair. Forget plastic beads, clip in hair extensions, and sew in’s, Platinum Seamless use the thinnest adhesive gel attachment which is the softest and most comfortable ever made. They’re essentially invisible to see or to touch! 

This amazing process ensures the highest quality results and delivers a lightweight finish that won’t put stress on your strands during the application or whilst they’re being worn. Platinum Seamless extensions are also very easy to remove and will not damage your natural hair in any way!

How Are Hair Extensions Applied?

Unlike some heat fusion extensions which can be damaging to the hair, Platinum Seamless uses a gentle yet incredibly effective tape application which is much kinder to your natural locks. This means that each amazingly lightweight piece attaches in turn to small sections of your hair one at a time. These sections of your natural hair combine with your chosen width pieces which are either 3 or 1.5 inches wide. These then simply and quickly tape in at the root. 

They are the softest, smoothest, and thinnest adhesive gels attachments available and will feel incredibly comfortable throughout the entire application and wear process. 

Even when styling your hair, you’ll forget you’re wearing the extensions at all! For this, we recommend the BoarLoop Brush by Platinum Seamless. This amazing brush adds shine to your locks whilst easily and successfully detangling both natural hair and extensions without causing any damage or breakage to either!

What Makes Platinum Seamless Extensions So Special?

Unlike many other extensions that are made using poor quality synthetic hair, Platinum Seamless hair extensions use only the finest quality, ethically sourced Remy human hair. Remy’s hair refers to quality human hair collected to ensure the hair strands remain aligned in the natural direction in which the hair originally grew. The hair cuticles (the outer parts of the hair which strengthen and protect the hair shaft) are also kept intact which means your extensions will remain healthy and glossy use after use. 

In addition to the use of Remy human hair and a unique, non-damaging application process, Platinum Seamless extensions also use an attachment which is just .25 inches high. This is around 50% smaller than the majority of other tape-in extensions. Finally, these incredible lengths will match your hair color perfectly thanks to their innovative dual-level color system!

How Will I Find The Right Color Hair Extensions

Finding the exact match for your hair color is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting hair extensions. Thankfully, Platinum Seamless can guarantee an exact color match for your natural or dyed locks with their unique color system which includes five incredible color collections. Using this array of over 60 different shades, Platinum Seamless can achieve a customized color that perfectly matches your hair for a seamless bond from root to tip!

How Can I Style My New Extensions?

Because Platinum Seamless extensions are made with Remy human hair, you’ll be able to style your newly longer, volumized locks with the usual styling products and tools you would usually use in your routine. That includes heat tools such as a straightener, blow dryer, and curling iron. 

To make sure your new hair stays in pristine condition, we recommend the Pure Sleek Shampoo & Pure Sleek Conditioner by Platinum Seamless. Both keratin and collagen enhanced products work together to maintain softness and shine whilst promoting luster and softness!

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