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Hair Extensions Beginner’s Guide

hair extensions

Many of us dream of long voluminous locks but, for one reason or another, aren’t able to achieve them. Whether your hair is on the finer side, just doesn’t seem to grow or you’re patiently waiting on a shorter cut to lengthen out, we bet you’ve often wondered if hair extensions could be the answer! Here at the Anushka Spa & Salon, West Palm Beach, FL. we pride ourselves on giving you the hair you’ve always dreamed of. So, if you’re finally ready to love your locks and discover the endless benefits of extended, quality hair, read on and have all of your burning questions answered…

Are Hair Extensions a Good Option For Me?

So, you’re considering an appointment for hair extensions in west palm. Maybe you have very short hair, or perhaps it’s shoulder-length, either way, hair extensions are the perfect way to achieve longer, thicker hair and, though you may not realize it, they’re perfectly maintainable for all. If you’re worried they’ll be too much upkeep or won’t look quite right due to the current length of your hair, you’ve absolutely no need to worry. Our highly trained hair extension artists are on hand to create and deliver the most natural-looking finish imaginable!

What Are The Benefits of Hair Extensions?

Besides the obvious benefits of greater length and volume, long extensions can surprisingly make your day-to-day hair routine considerably quicker! Our high-quality extensions are simple to maintain and hold their style amazingly well. Unlike shorter hair, there is less precision heat styling required plus the number of styles such as ponytails, plaits and half up/half down do’s you’ll soon be able to achieve opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

The Perfect Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type?

How To Select The Perfect Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type?

When it comes to selecting the perfect hair extensions, we have been proudly providing Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions at our salon here in Rosemary Square for over a decade. Platinum Seamless offer well over 100 colors and lengths, all of which are hand-dyed and hand-assembled. Uniquely, our clients can custom order the exact extensions they need before their appointment ensuring an on-time delivery as well as the perfect fit in terms of width, length and color.

Take a look at these stunning video results from one very happy client!

My Hair Is Already Long, Can I Get Hair Extensions?

Absolutely! We understand that the length of your hair may not be the only improvement you’re looking to make in terms of style. By choosing to add extensions, longer hair will benefit from the extra volume like never before!

Are Hair Extensions Suitable For Fine Hair?

Yes! Platinum Seamless is the first and only extension company to develop multiple methods of fully customizable attachments for every hair type. Therefore, this is a safe option for every client. Just take a look at these incredible before and after photographs!

Can I Sleep, Run, Do Yoga Etc. With My Extensions?

Whatever your lifestyle looks like, Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions will work for you. If you’re particularly active, you’ll still be able to workout without the worry of your extensions coming loose, damaging the hair cuticles or showing through.

I’m Getting Married, Can I Get Hair Extensions For The Big Day?

Firstly, Congratulations! Secondly, absolutely you can! If you’re dreaming of long flowing tresses or a particular hairstyle that requires longer, fuller hair, hair extensions are an ideal way to achieve those results instantly. Additionally, there’ll be absolutely no lumps, bumps or visible attachments to worry about!

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Will Extensions Damage My Natural Hair?

Because Platinum Seamless can customize all attachments specifically to each client, you can enjoy a damage-free, safe extension process no matter your hair type with absolutely no long term damage.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost At The Anushka Spa & Salon?

Lite Volume or Length $300 & Up
Basic Volume or Length $750 & Up
Full Head $1500 & Up

Ombre, Special Occasion Hair and Extension Removals are all priced by consultation. You can find further information on each treatment here.

What Type of Hair Extensions Are Available at The Anushka Salon?

Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions are our provider of the highest quality Virgin Remy Human Hair extensions in the industry. Tinted adhesive strips which come in various colors are used to attach the hair with absolutely no damage and no tools. Your extensions can be specifically made and colored to suit your hair type and shade seamlessly.

What Is Virgin Remy Human Hair?

Virgin Remy hair is the name given to 100% human hair extensions which have not undergone any form of chemical treatment, the hair also has the hair cuticle still intact. Its natural source means it blends in-comparably better than synthetic with your natural hair.

How To Choose The Correct Color For Your Hair Extensions?

Choosing hair extensions has never been easier thanks to color matching technology. Every hair color from black to light blonde can be specifically matched for a totally natural-looking finish.

How Long Will My Hair Extensions Last?

Your hair extensions will last up to three months making them a great option for long term semi-permanent hair extensions.

Is It Possible To Heat Style My Extensions?

Yes, you can! As they are made will 100% real human hair, you’ll be able to style them as you would your own hair only now it’ll look and feel longer, softer and much fuller!

How Often Should I Wash My Hair Extensions?

There’s no need to wash your hair more than usual once your extensions have been applied. We recommend no more than 2-3 time a week to keep your hair looking clean and healthy! Over-washing and styling can cause damage to the cuticle of your hair extensions and lessen the lifespan of your gorgeous new locks. Therefore washing them every day isn’t advised. When it does come time to wash and condition your hair, we highly recommend the Pure Silk Sleek Shampoo and the Pure Silk Sleek Conditioner by Platinum Seamless. Both are salt-free and suitable for all hair types!

We hope we’ve answered all you need to know about hair extensions and you’re feeling confident and excited about the prospect of your new locks! We guarantee you’ll leave our beautiful hair salon here in West Palm Beach Fl. with shiner, longer and dramatically fuller hair that you’re proud to show off!

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