The Extensions Celebrity Hairstylists

Hair Extensions Celebrities Hairstylists Use

The Extensions Celebrity Hairstylists

Have you always looked at your favourite celebrities on TV and in movies and wished you knew the secret to their seemly endless, perfectly styled and shiny locks? Well, we did too, until we discovered the exact hair extensions celebrity hairstylists favor and use on their top clients! Read on to discover the brand that celebrities adore and you’ll soon be making an appointment to visit us here in West Palm Beach Florida, to get a beautiful set of your very own!

The Benefits Of Hair Extensions

Many of us dream of long, flowing locks and that coveted, glossy celebrity hair. Whether it’s an aspiration for added length or just to achieve a significantly fuller appearance, clip-in extensions made from real hair are the perfect way to achieve that look.

Here at the Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach Florida, we are extremely proud to partner exclusively with Platinum Seamless Hair extensions. Guaranteed to bring you the most natural-looking finish to your hair, these are the extensions that not only we love, but the most celebrated celebrity stylists in the world love too!

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Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions

Platinum Seamless guarantees the highest quality human hair available anywhere today. Their revolutionary adhesive technology is the absolute best in the industry and certain to avoid creating any damage whatsoever to your natural hair.

In terms of color matching your natural hair, you can forget about those nasty mis-matched tones that don’t quite sit right with your natural strands and look obviously arti-ficial. With well over 100 color and length options available in their extensive line, you can be sure to get the exact right shade for you. Additionally, every new set of extensions are hand dyed and able to be ordered specifically in the length and shade needed specifically for each client. That guarantees that your stunning new custom extensions will be ready and waiting for you ahead of time for your appointment with us here in Rosemary Square.

Are Platinum Seamless Extensions Right For Me?

Choosing to buy hair extensions can be a tricky decision and finding the best quality and the right match in terms of color and durability can often prove tricky! That being said, no matter your hair type, Platinum Seamless extensions will be perfect for you. Owing to their revolutionary adhesive technology and expert hand assembly, you’re guaranteed a perfect finish and a 100% damage-free experience!

Unlike any other hair extension company in the industry, Platinum Seamless offers an in-credibly vast range of individually sized hair strips in an array of widths that can be tailored specifically to fit your exact requirements. With such a specific, customizable and high-quality service, it’s no wonder these extensions are so highly favored by celebrities the world over!

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How Do I Care For My Gorgeous New Extensions?

Once you leave the salon, you’ll be so in love with your new look that you’ll want to make sure to maintain it! Washing your hair with the Platinum Seamless Pure Silk Sleek Shampoo and the salt-free Pure Silk Sleek Conditioner will ensure your new tresses look sensational for months on end!

Why Choose Platinum Seamless?

Specifically, the hair used to create Platinum Seamless extensions is 100% virgin Remy hair. This means the hair has not been processed by chemicals of any kind and is acquired from a single donor. This along with the fact that the hair is hand-dyed with the cuticle always facing the same direction ensures the natural elasticity and softness of the hair remains.

Is It Easy To Style Platinum Seamless Extensions?

Because Platinum seamless are made from the finest quality real hair, styling is incredibly simple. There’s no problem when it comes to straightening, curling or getting a blow-dry, just as there wouldn’t be with your own hair. In fact, due to the quality of your new locks, it’s more likely you’ll find styling even easier with a tangle-free and more impressive, high shine finish!

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