Reason Why Self-care is the Besy Gift to give in 2020

Here’s Every Reason Why Self-Care is the Best Gift to Give in 2020

We’re all looking for the ideal gifts for our friends and loved ones this year more than any other. Why? Let’s be honest, it’s been a stressful one! Luckily for you (and them!), we’re here to offer the most incredible packages from The Anushka Spa & Salon to help them feel renewed and deservedly spoiled this holiday season. 

The Antidote To Social Distancing Fatigue

Whether you live thousands of miles apart or just down the street from one another. spending time with friends, family, and, in some cases, partners, has been more than tricky this year. To keep ourselves and everyone else safe, we’ve had to remain apart. And, as many of us know, it’ can really make you feel lonely. 

As humans, we crave closeness, we crave human connection and social connection. Sadly, that’s been absent for so many of us lately. In fact, it’s been so missed, it’s one of the main reasons we highly recommend gifting your friend or loved one a spa experience this holiday season!

Here at the Anushka Spa & Salon, the lucky recipient of your gift will be more than well taken care of. From social interaction with our fabulous team to world-class hair and body treatments. Every element of their visit will help to restore that vital human connection!

Help The Effects Of Both Physical Pain & Social Pain

Help The Effects Of Both Physical Pain & Social Pain

For some, staying home as we have been has had surprising results. Some, as we touched on before, have felt low and lonely. Others have experienced physical discomfort, sometimes due to reduced movement or exercise in their everyday routines. 

If either of these is true for your loved one, a spa day could be just what they need! Care gifts such as a body treatment that allows for muscle relaxation. Even just the act of leaving the house and coming to a place that’s specifically designed to make you feel good can have great effects on a person’s overall wellbeing. 

From a friendly conversation with any of our technicians to a well-deserved massage with essential oil. Give them the gift of feeling their troubles literally melting away this Christmas. 

Give Them The Opportunity To Rest And Recuperate

2020 has been many, many things, none of which have anything to do with relaxation! Whether you feel it’s been the longest year of your life, or like it’s flown by in a flash, it’s presented us with few opportunities to feel calm, even when we’ve been simply sat at home.

Why? Even though we’ve spent way more time indoors than usual this year, it’s been through necessity or to work. Staying at home because you can’t go out feels somehow a lot more stressful than the days you decide to relax at home. 

Equally, the fact that so many of us have had to find ways to work from home has been a pressure too. We usually have a dedicated space for work, at the office, in a store, etc, and a place for our off-duty time which is at home. 

Over the past twelve months, however, those lines have blurred so much they meshed into one! We’ve often felt like we couldn’t get away from work commitments and found it harder to switch off at quitting time. The cure? Let us be the place for off-duty time!

You Can Be Sure It’s Safe For Your Friend Or Loved One

You Can Be Sure It’s Safe For Your Friend Or Loved One

Your loved ones’ wellbeing will, of course, be a top priority for you, and for us too. Physical distancing to prevent the spread is essential and here at The Anushka Spa & Salon, we’re taking every protocol seriously. Currently, we’re offering limited availability and entry to ensure social distancing is possible for all guests. Please read about the other steps and measures we are taking to keep everyone safe during their visit here. 

Our Gift Guide To Flawless Holiday Gifting

Now that you’ve decided a self-care gift is the way to go, let’s talk packages

We have so much to offer you and your lucky gift recipient this holiday season. So, no matter what you’re looking for in terms of treatment, we’re sure to have a package that suits! Here are just a few of our favorite recommendations…

Hot Bod

A restorative full-body peel and massage duo to leave you feeling radiant! This will give the recipient a chance to fully unwind in our stunning spa and includes either a Pure Fiji Body ritual & CBD or, a hot stone massage!

Offline Upgrade

We all need a digital detox from time to time and this treatment is the perfect way to remain occupied (and totally relaxed) whilst you do so! This package will undoubtedly leave you feeling in a state of true bliss. It also includes the chance to unwind in our spa, as well and a facial. massage, manicure & Pedicure.

First Class

When you really feel like spoiling them (or yourself!) opt for the First Class package. This one will relax and refresh your entire body from head to toe. From oxygen facials to body buffing to nails and even lunch! You’ll feel like a new person after this incredible package. x

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