Induge in your go to beauty services post quarantine

Indulge In Your Go-To Beauty Services Post-Quarantine!

The best at home skin masks for you to try right now!

After staying indoors for what feels like forever, our minds couldn’t help but wander. As a result, we were endlessly dreaming of all the incredible beauty treatments we’d be able to access again soon. Now, we’ve certainly been staying at home for good reason but that doesn’t mean we weren’t strategically planning our long-awaited returns to the Anushka Spa & Salon ahead of time! So whether you’re aching for a tension relieving massage, excitedly anticipating a fresh new hair color, or itching to access our nail salon for a manicure, here at the Anushka Spa, we have you covered! 

A Brand New Hair Color For The New You!

Understandably, many of us have been feeling a little out of sorts these past few months. That said, there is always good news. This extended time indoors has not only been keeping us safe, but it has also helped us to reflect on what makes us truly happy. Knowing what those things are, we can now start to make plans and look forward to the way we’re choosing to live our lives from now on. So, now that you’re finally able to treat yourself to a well-deserved appointment at our world-renowned hair boutique, be sure you’ve chosen a color that feels decidedly fresh yet authentically you! 

Forget Googling, ‘hair salon near me?’, and allow us to welcome you here at our beautiful penthouse hair salon in the heart of Rosemary Square. We have 26 style and color stations in our celebrated color kitchen all ready to transform your locks to the shade of your dreams. Here at Anushka, we pride ourselves on the most beautiful and bespoke hair colors to give you the results you’ve always dreamed of. Expect to experience evolving techniques for multi-dimensional tresses using INOA color. This stands for, ‘Innovative No Ammonia’ color which is the best formulation for dry, coarse, or distressed hair that’s prone to frizz!

When it comes to the cuts you love, we offer the most contemporary styles alongside classic shapes to frame your face and open up your eyes! That said, you may even be looking to add to the already growing lengths you’ve been working on over the past couple of months! In that case, we’re pleased to share that we proudly offer the world’s most coveted, Platinum Seamless Extensions.

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Feel Refreshed With A Luxury Facial 

When it comes to excellent skincare, we will always recommend regular facials. Not only do they feel incredible and make us look more youthful and refreshed, but they’re also a great way of ensuring our skin stays nourished and in great health! Additionally, we can all agree that’s something we, and our skin, are craving right now after months of little sunlight and fresh air!

Now, we know you’re wondering which of our facial services will be best suited to your skin, and luckily, we have something for everyone and every skin type! Take the Signature iS Clinical Facial for example. It’s specifically designed to combat toxins and aging of the skin whilst correcting imbalances. It includes a relaxing facial massage and a treatment masque selected exclusively for your skin type! This will leave you with a re-energized, radiant complexion.

We also offer a wide range of other facials including an oxygen facial, a skin peel mini facial, facials that target acne, and more!

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Relax And Unwind With A Tranquil Massage

Receiving a massage in our eternally inviting West Palm Beach spa is truly an experience like no other. We offer massages in varying lengths and focus on a variety of different areas. Therefore you’ll always be able to find the treatment that best suits you. Take an hour to experience our European massage spa hour to improve your circulation and feel your muscle tension melt away. Alternatively, if calming scents are your go-to for relaxation, opt for the Aromatherapy massage spa hour. It includes a customized aromatherapy blend to calm the mind, awaken the senses, and naturally soothe your body. We also offer longer massage treatments of an hour and thirty minutes. These include healing hot stone massages and intensely therapeutic deep tissue treatments that are perfect for relieving all of that pent up tension!

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Schedule A Manicure And Wave Goodbye To Unsightly Nails 

There’s only so much we can do with our nails at home before we’re longing for the helping hand of a trained professional! Luckily, our world-class manicurists are excitedly awaiting your return to the salon for a transformative experience! Whether it’s a manicure or a pedicure you’ve been longing for, you won’t find treatments like this anywhere else. Our nail salon includes 3 exclusive areas for you to enjoy your manicure in. Choose the beautiful, always bustling salon or relax and unwind in one of our tranquil spa-side nail retreats. We also specialize in both natural and enhanced nail services so you’re certain to achieve the look you’re longing for every single time. 

Expect to find the classic shades that you love and discover those you never knew existed with our extensive range of leading brands including, Opi, Essie, Gelish, and more!

It may have been a while but we’ll never forget the importance of looking and feeling our best. We can’t wait to welcome you back and to give you the long awaiting pampering session you so totally deserve!

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