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We can understand why, on the surface, booking yourself in for a manicure and pedicure, can seem like an unnecessary indulgence. It is, of course, a treat you can live without. That being said, we’re here to let you in on the many, possibly surprising, reasons you might want to make these treatments a regular occurrence. They just might be more beneficial to your health and overall well-being than you first thought!

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Improvements To Your Nail Health

As a society, we’re more in tune than ever with the things that we should and shouldn’t be eating, how much sleep and exercise we should be getting and how to take care of our overall wellbeing from day to day. That being said, our nail health is one area that, whether due to time, money or it not being seen as a priority, we often neglect. A professional West Palm Beach pedicure or manicure is a great way to remedy this and ensure the nails on both your hands and feet are in a healthy state.

If you haven’t experienced one before, let us tell you, an ingrown toenail is no picnic! Luckily, this is exactly the kind of condition regular pedicures will help you to spot early or avoid altogether. Additionally, a deluxe treatment in one of our luxurious jetted tub foot spas will soothe tired joints and improve blood flow.

Relaxation And Time For Yourself

Settling in for some much needed ‘You’ time is something we highly recommend for keeping your mind clear and your priorities in order. It may sometimes feel like an overindulgence, an unneeded expenditure, however, it’s no coincidence that we find this particular beauty treatment so innately relaxing. Getting an update to your look is one thing but the stimulating hand massage you’ll receive during your manicure is one of the top reasons men and women find it such a great opportunity to unwind. Through relaxation in the hand muscles and joints, your circulation and mobility can also be improved. Relieving pressure and tension in overworked hands is incomparably calming in our opinion!

We’re proud to be one of the top-rated salons in west palm beach, offering many types of pedicures and manicures within our tranquil nails spa. Let us pamper you and treat your hands and feet to the care and attention they, and you, absolutely deserve!

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Tackling The Effects Of Cold

Weather On Your Skin
Whether you suffer from dry, cracked or dead skin during the winter months, a deluxe manicure or pedi-cure is a great way to bring the smoothness back to your skin. It’ll also leave dry or brittle nails with a healthier, more stylish finish.

If at-home foot care is currently more accessible to you, we recommend treating those problematic dead skin areas on the feet with a pumice stone like the Earth Therapeutics Natural Sierra pumice stick by Ulta Beauty. Or, if you’re after a more extensive DIY treatment, opt for the full Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair kit. This comprehensive kit comes with a pumice stone, rolling massager, nail brush, cooling foot scrub, and a foot repair balm!

A Confidence Boost

All of the health and skincare benefits aside, there’s nothing wrong with a little pampering every now and then. In fact, treating ourselves to something that relaxes us and improves the appearance of our hands and nails is a great way to leave the nail salon feeling refreshed and confident! A brand new nail look to show off at work and at home can be surprisingly invigorating!

We all know how good it feels even just picking a brand new color we’ve never tried and painting our nails at home. Imagine how good you’ll feel after a luxury pedicure complete with massaging recliners, jetted tubs, a foot peel and masque and finally, a fresh coat of top quality nail polish. We’re proud to feature top quality brands such as Essie, O.P.I, Gelish, and Nexgen.

Experimenting With A New Look

If you desire a new look, but a major change such a hair cut or color is out of the question, an impromptu manicure may just be the answer! It’s surprising how a new and exciting nail look can give you the shake-up you’ve been craving. The beauty is that each look is temporary lasting 1-3 weeks. That means you can afford to be bold and daring with your color or choice of nail art. Let your hands and feet project your personality at its most playful and vibrant!

From simple nail polishing to French manicures, whatever you’re envisioning, our incredibly talented nail artists here in Palm Beach can deliver!

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Sharing Time Together

There’s no reason your appointment has to be a solo treat. Why not use your manicure or pedicure appointment to share some much-needed quality time with a loved one? Everyone deserves to indulge and having these moments set aside to relax is so important these days!

Time spent together here at our salon in West Palm Beach Florida will be incredibly relaxing and restorative. We believe everyone deserves to feel special, especially at the end of the year as the days grow shorter and temperatures drop! Consider it an early Christmas gift to yourself or even go the extra mile and make it the gift you give to a loved one this festive season. From a regular manicure or a spur of the moment treat, you’re both guaranteed to leave West Palm Beach with a nail look you adore!

If you’re ready to book your appointment to join us here at our nail salon in Rosemary square, we’ll be thrilled to meet you and give your hands and feet the luxury treatment they so deserve! Take a look at our range of treatments here, and start on the road to happier, healthier nails!

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