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 *When is it Time to Worry About Your Skin?   It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin.  Ideally you can start with preventative measures in your mid- to late 20’s.  Yes, at a young age you may not need a lot if you have skin without acne, congestion, or dryness, but getting in the habit of taking care of your skin is best approach to prevent future sun and environment damage that causes premature aging. Don’t be disheartened if you have some catching up to do. We are living in a great time with amazing pharmaceutical grade skincare and even more amazing skin and anti-aging technologies to get you back on track. Living healthy and taking care of yourself intrinsically and extrinsically is the best approach.  With technology and good regimented pharmaceutical grade skincare recommended from a professional, along with your regular treatments you can begin to reverse the aging process.  

Let Anushka suggest the best approach that suits your needs.



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 Extend Yourself

Ever wonder how celebrities have that bouncy thick hair at all ages?  Here’s the real facts…EXTENSIONS!  Hair extensions date back to the years of Cleopatra.  Women wore human hair wigs, sewed in pieces and even braids made of dyed sheep’s wool.  We no longer resort to wearing wool hair anymore.  Hair extensions are available in all lengths, colors, and textures.  Even though they are esthetically beautiful there are many reasons to add extensions to your natural hair.  They can be added for volume, and you can dictate just how much volume you prefer.  If you suffer from split ends, they provide great camouflage for hiding that unsightly problem.  With the wide array of colors that are available, you can also use them to create dimension, highlights, lowlights, and even an ombre’ look. Last but not least, you can choose to add just the right amount of length that is good for you.  Our best suggestion is to make sure that you choose the extensions that will work best for you.  

Call us and we can consult with you to see if you are the right candidate for your extension journey.  


Get the Chip Outta Here!  Do you have the same issue with chipping nail polish or weak natural nails? NOT ANYMORE…the advancement of gel overlay offers you the durability of a gel polish that covers your natural nails with just a slightly thicker texture to protect weak nails from splitting and gives a beautiful shiny protection over your favorite nail polish color for a 2-3 week no chip result.  Gel Overlay is a healthy, cruelty free, allergy free, and formulated without HEMA monomer unlike acrylic. What is even more attractive, it can be applied over any of your favorite polish, even Shellac.  This gives you so many color alternatives.  

Try it…you’ll LOVE it!

Glitter Nails

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 Exosomes and You  Molecules send genetic receptors helping the cells communicate with each other to promote proteins for tissue healing.  Exosomes contain nearly 3 times the growth factors as Stem Cells.  When your cells communicate, they play a role the cell-to-cell communications resulting in transferring cellular components to reproduce healthy cells.  They also can transport easier than Stem Cells making Exosomes a more effective approach to healing.  Exosomes are being used as a better alternative to PRP resulting in no downtime.  Exosomes are used to repair:

·       Tissue Growth

·       Hair Growth

·       Pigment Control

·       Promotes Collagen Production by 300%

·       Chronic Pain

·       Musculoskeletal Injuries

Ask us how Exosomes can help you…

  • The Aesthetics Event
    Dec. 14th
    Join us for 1 day only when we offer incredible savings on all of our injectable fillers! Save hundreds on one of our event-only bundles, or enjoy savings on any series of filler when you buy 2+ syringes! Join us 10am-6pm. Call to pre-book or if you cannot join in person: 561-820-8055