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Neck Firming: The Anti-Venom to “Tech Neck” is Nectifirm

The “Tech Neck” Dilemma

Turns out you don’t have to suffer from a sagging neck. It would be surprising to find out that even young adults are suffering from lines on the neck. “Tech Neck” is where neck lines are formed from looking down at our phones or computers every day.

Most importantly, the delicate skin on the neck will crease even more. The more you look down at a phone or a computer screen, the more your neck will crease up.

Surprisingly, even if you’re not hunched over a computer for eight hours a day, your skin will give way to gravity. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, our skin will age. While plenty of non-invasive treatments can help restore the face, there is not much available to visibly firm the neck.


Consequently, this is why we carry Revision Skincare’s Nectifirm ADVANCED. Nectifirm uses pioneering technology to visibly reduce the signs of aging, including lines and imperfections on the jawline, neck and décolleté.

Meanwhile, in only two weeks, clients are noticing visible results from the jawline to the bra-line! The serum helps lift and smooth the delicate skin of the neck.

So, what’s in it?

To our content, Nectifirm contains high quality ingredients, which makes it much better than generic moisturizers.

Since it is specifically made for the neck, the ingredients are made for these issues only.

  • Diglucosyl Gallic Acid for a brighter, even skin tone
  • 8 blended peptides to smooth fine lines
  • Red microalgae to smooth and lift skin
  • Formulated with antioxidants to reduce the signs of aging

How Often Do I Need to Use It?

Our expert aestheticians recommend using it once-per-day, during your night time routine. Two pumps, massaged generously into the neck and chest area will be enough.

Moreover, 2 weeks will be enough to provide some results. As always, skincare is best when used as a part of a routine.

#1 Neck Brand in America

Conclusively, a recent study declared Nectifirm the “Number-one neck brand recommended by medical professionals.” New Beauty editors are “blown away” with the results they’ve seen in just two weeks. Paired with other neck-firming technologies, you could see even more dramatic results!

Anushka Cosmedical Centre, a prestigious upscale spa in West Palm Beach has been at the forefront of anti-aging technology since debuting their Cellulite Clinic in the 1970’s on New York’s famed Park Avenue. Today, they offer several effective treatments to dramatically improve the elasticity of skin on the neck and décolleté.

It is available for purchase at Anushka Spa Salon & Cosmedical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, retailing for $84. Call 561-820-0500 for options to pick up in store, or to have it shipped directly to your door.

Additionally, Cosmedical Director Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, ARNP, shares that “Nectifirm is the most effective topical product I’ve used for treating the signs of aging on the neck.”

Other Ways to Tighten the Neck

Continuing, for moderately mature skin, Dr. Bonnie Marting recommends a series of Venus Legacy Neck Treatments ($179 per treatment). These treatments use radio frequency technology to firm and tighten the skin.

Also, for more mature skin, she recommends a thread lift, utilizing medical-grade barbs to instantly lift and tighten the skin of the neck – effectively delivering a “mini-face-lift” during your lunch hour ($250 per thread).

Conclusively, call or Text our Mobile Concierge at 561.820.0500 for more information about non-invasive, anti-aging neck treatments.

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