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Build a better but without surgery

Build A Better Butt Without Surgery

Meghan Trainor informs us in no uncertain terms that she’s bringing “Booty Back!” Certainly the beautiful butt is getting more attention now than perhaps ever before! All this attention (and an ever-aging-but-absolutely-will-not-accept- it population) has created an urgency for a

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Your Skin In a new light with laser genesis

Your Skin In a New Light with Laser Genesis

Want Anushka Spa & Salon Palm Beach perfect skin?  Enter spring 2017 looking younger and feeling more confident with Laser Genesis. What is Laser Genesis and what does it do? It stimulates new skin cell growth and collagen production which

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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Highlighted Hair

Love The Skin You’re In at Anushka Spa & Salon

RESTYLANE DEFYNE® AND RESTYLANE DEFYNE® Two of the most Amazing Products Available Thus Far…. My extensive experience with the newest members of the Restylane family; Restylane Refyne® and Restylane Defyne® has been nothing short of Spectacular. While the Restylane family

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Why you should try microneedling today

Why You Should Try Microneedling Today

At Anushka Spa & Salon, we pride ourselves on bringing our clients the latest beauty and fashion trends. Are you looking for the latest spring hairstyle trends of 2019?? Look no further. Our stylists have done their research to bring

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lip injections west palm beach

Restylane Silk: The Fairest Filler of them All

The Fairest Filler of them All: Restylane Silk With the increasing number of dermal fillers available in the US, it’s getting even more confusing for the average aesthetic patient to understand what should be used where and when, or even

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Anushka Accepted to Intercoiffure

There is no greater authority in the hair industry than Intercoiffure Mondial. Since 1925, this organization, dedicated to excellence in hair dressing, has been supporting the best providers in the beauty industry. This year, Anushka is proud to announce themselves

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The Anti-aging pill: Dr. Marting Shares her advice

The Anti-Aging Pill: Dr. Marting Shares Her Advice

Dr. Marting shares her advice on living a long and beautiful life… You can’t listen to TV, radio, read a magazine, or browse the internet without encountering multiple messages informing us that anti-aging is possible, “If you only take this supplement, or

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Skin tightening treatments

Skin Tightening Treatments

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments have come so far in recent years and Anushka Cosmedical Centre located at City Place in West Palm Beach is here to bring you the best of the best for all of your skin tightening needs. When most people think of skin tightening, they think of tradition surgical procedures such as facelifts or tummy tucks to smooth out a belly, but these procedures are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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