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Statement Holiday Hairstyles to Wow the Room

The time has finally come to start thinking about holiday hairstyles. No really – we can’t believe it either! And while you might have the go-to hairstyle that you bring out for every special occasion, this might just be the

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Bride Hair Style Ideas

17 Bride Hair Style Ideas in 2023

Calling all 2023 brides! It’s almost your time to shine on your wedding day, which means it’s also time to find the perfect hairstyle for it. The great news is that stepping into 2023 there are tons of different bride

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Anushka MedSpa is Giving the Gift of Confidence

The 2022 holiday season has officially begun, and while thoughts of preparing to see friends and family for festive gatherings should spark joy, for many, aesthetic insecurities prevent us from being more present and strips the confidence we once had. 

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Botox That Lasts: New Ways To Tighten Skin

Baby Botox: The Ultimate Guide

You might be familiar with regular Botox, but did you know that there are a whole bunch of different types under the Botox umbrella? One of those types is a new trend that people in the industry are calling baby

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