PSA: Stop diying your skincare routine

PSA: Please Stop DIYing Your Skincare Routine

PSA: Stop diying your skincare routine

When it comes to caring for and protecting your skin, there’s nothing like a tried and tested skincare rou-tine with products you know and trust! After all, every one of us covets truly healthy and glowing skin and a regimen filled with the right ingredients can work wonders. Whether it’s re-hydrating those dry areas, shrinking problem pores, or removing dead skin cells. But, how do we know we’re doing the best for skin and not causing more harm than good when we reach for our DIY mixtures? That’s simple…

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for new ways to show your skin some love, concocting DIY skincare products without proper knowledge of the ingredients you’re including is never the answer! Read on and allow us to share with you everything we at the Anushka Spa and Salon, West Palm beach are so thankful we’ve learned over the years!

DIY skincare products have a short shelf life

DIY skincare products have a short shelf life…

Since the majority of ingredients you’d reach for when following a DIY recipe are fresh and often food/water-based, leaving them in a pot (at room temperature none the less!) then applying them to the delicate skin on your face is an absolute no-no! Homemade products such as face scrubs and eye cream can, therefore, end up ineffective and sometimes even harmful.

Additionally, you’re likely to find these DIY potions quickly develop an unpleasant odor when left to unin-tentionally warm up in your bathroom. You also run the risk of applying expired foodstuffs directly onto your face which is never a good thing! So, though there’s nothing wrong with using a fresh ingredient here or there as a supplement or an intermittent alternative to your professional products, longer-term you may have a problem. For skincare you can happily use on repeat without a shelf life of a mere weekend, it’s always safer to turn to the experts!

Don’t run the risk of contamination and inflammation…

Those of us with sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness, irritation, and breakouts should always avoid untested DIY products. Though we know it’s often unsafe to follow an online suggestion when it comes to DIY skincare products, the curiosity can sometimes get the better of us and we end up damaging our already sensitive skin areas with untested anti-inflammatory mixtures. Professional products that are specifically made for sensitive or acne-prone skin such as the Pro-Heal Serum by iS Clinical, however, are specially created to help safely and effectively address symptoms of contact dermatitis with a clinically tested, healing formula. This serum also reduces the symptoms of cystic acne such as inflammation and redness as well as rosacea, and bug bites. The Pro-Heal serum is scientifically advanced to soothe the skin and offer relief from irritation whilst employing powerful antioxidant serum protection with the essential oils our skin craves!

Not even oily skin will not respond well to baking soda!

Not even oily skin will not respond well to baking soda!

The idea that using baking soda as a skin scrub will provide endless benefits is one of the most harmful skincare rumors going! Why? Baking soda has a pH level that is much higher than the one our skin has. The pH scale indicates levels of acidity. Therefore, if you apply baking soda to your sensitive facial skin, let alone scrub with it, you’re effectively destroying your skin’s natural balance and will most certainly end up with irritated, sensitive, and very sore skin!

Instead, we recommend looking for kinder ingredients to help improve the appearance of your skin such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, and hyaluronic acid, which are all designed to balance your skin’s pH in a much kinder way. In terms of exfoliation, the iS Clinical Tri-Active Masque couldn’t be more perfect! This luxurious face mask will instantly smooth and polish your skin with a safe and more effective physical and biochemical exfoliation. It will also help minimize the appearance of open pores, and stimulate collagen synthesis for naturally dewier skin!

Beware of DIY egg white treatments for tightening your skin!

Though it’s true that egg whites can be beneficial when it comes to achieving a smoother skin tone, eggs can be tricky when handled incorrectly. They won’t stay fresh for long once exposed to the air, not to mention the fact that you’re putting them on your face, close to your mouth. This also poses the possibil-ity of ingesting raw egg containing bacteria… and nobody wants that! If you don’t fancy risking it with this precarious DIY facial, opt instead for the DRx Blemish Solution Clarifying Mask instead. This is a clinical strength mask is packed with ingredients such as colloidal sulfur, kaolin clay, and bentonite clay which work together to shrink pores, reduce breakouts, and absorb excess oil. A mask like this one is a great way to provide intensive moisture deep within the skin. They’ll also plump up the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide anti-aging benefits which will reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes too!

Body lotion is for your body… not your face!

Whether you made it yourself or you’re improvising with something you already have in the cupboard, using lotion on delicate face skin designed for another part of the body is, frankly, a terrible idea! Not only will it provide inadequate moisture levels, but it’s also likely to contain perfumes and other ingredients that will harm your skin rather than treat it. Instead, let us suggest reaching for the Age-Defying Vitamin C + E Serum by Glytone. This beautiful formula has everything your skin needs to feel nourished as it’s so rich in antioxidants and vitamin’s C and E. Unlike a DIY body lotion, this serum will visibly reduce signs of prema-ture aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. It will also protect your skin against other concerns such as environmental contamination and even oxidative stress!

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