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Pure fiji spa treatments

Welcome to the Pure Fiji experience at Anushka Spa & Salon. Discover the difference of Pure Fiji at our upscale salon and spa, located in downtown Cityplace, West Palm Beach Florida. If you are looking for a one of a kind experience, Anushka Spa & Salon is your destination.

Inner Beauty

There is no substitution for the thousands of years of trial and error, no greater laboratory than verdant Tropical Rain forests and white sandy beaches under a Pacific Sun – and no more significant result than a culture revered over the ages for its people’s natural beauty.

Pure Fiji is a natural body and skin care product manufacturer that caters to the exclusive spa and salon industry. Pure Fiji began research and development of their uniquely Fijian products around the family kitchen table, based on the numerous benefits of coconut oil, the botanical curatives and remedies utilized by the Fijian people for hundreds of years.

Pure Fiji Body Rituals at Anushka Spa & Salon

Anushka Spa & Salon has taken the passion of Pure Fiji and perfected it to bring you body rituals your skin has been craving. Relaxation, escape and serenity – words that evoke images of the quiet warm waters and whispering sands of the South Pacific are brought to you in our tranquil escape spa setting.

  • The Pure Fiji Body Perfecting Ritual

    – uses the most exotic and precious nectars of nature to renew your skin’s texture. Your skin will be drenched in moisture-rich ingredients directly from the Pacific. This 60-minute treatment helps to promote cellular turnover with a fruit-based AHA masque. You will then experience an enriching exotic oil massage. Pure Fiji Exotic Oil combines exotic nut oils with an aromatherapy blend to deeply hydrate, restore balance and calm.

  • Pure Fiji Royal Coconut Milk & Honey Ritual – This 90-minute body ritual starts with a delicate milk bath, followed by a gentle sugar scrub. Next a body masque drapes the skin while being massaged with hot stones. Warmed oil and body butter are kneaded into the body to seal in precious moisture.

    • Delicate Milk Bath Soak – Relax and melt away stress with the calming blend of essential oils infused in the creamy luxury of organic coconut milk and exotic nut extracts.
    • Sugar Scrub – Unburden skin and soul with Raw Sugar Crystals gently lifting away impurities while a synergistic blend of nourishing exotic extracts and aromatherapy oils revive and rejuvenate.
    • Body Masque – The nourishing and moisturizing benefits of coconut milk and honey boosted with totodro lead firm and tone skin.
    • Exotic Oil – A nourishing blend of cold pressed virgin coconut oil and exotic nut oils, to deeply hydrate and revitalize skin.
    • Body Butter – Instantly revive dry skin with the super nourishing cream, naturally rich in a bounty of nutrient and antioxidants to replenish and protect skin.

Pure Fiji Pedicures at Anushka Spa & Salon

Pamper your feet in our ethereal spa setting with one of our deluxe Pure Fiji Pedicure options.

  • Pure Fiji Pedicure – Begin your pedicure with a ritual coconut milk bath soak, followed by an exfoliation of natural alpha hydroxy in a pure care can sugar infused with essential oils, enzymes and coconut oil. Top it off with a Pure Fiji foot massage exotic oil to hydrate and revitalize.
  • Pure Fiji Paradise Pedicure – Once again, relax and enjoy a coconut milk bath soak to promote smoothing. Followed by a raw sugar cane scrub to gently lift away impurities while exotic nut extracts combined with amazing raw honey extracts revitalize and nourish to leave skin feeling refreshed. Your feet will feel like they are in paradise with a foot peel to smooth followed by a foot & leg masque to firm, tone & lock in moisture.

Cold Pressed Drift Nut Oil

Pure Fiji’s secret is a balanced blend of exotic nut oils which include Virgin coconut oil, dilo oil, sikeci oil and macadamia nut oil. This time-honored blend has been used for centuries in the Pacific as a therapeutic remedy and also as a daily ritual – moisturizing, nourishing and protecting skin and hair. This blend of oils are natural pore decongestants (will not clog pores), natural sebum regulators and also contain natural antihistamines and antibacterial agents.

These organic oils are pressed at source using unique methods developed by Pure Fiji which retain the integrity and molecular structure of the oil. As a result, these special processes the oil remains as nature designed it – exceptionally high in essential medium chair fatty acids and a plant source of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

This traditional blend also contains a bounty of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, C, B and E and other nutrients for healthy looking skin.

Anushka Spa & Salon searched endlessly to bring you the serenity, relaxation and benefits of the Pacific. The oil used in Pure Fiji treatments naturally enhances the barrier of the epidermis with anti-aging agents. These agents reduce trans epidermal water loss and improve skin elasticity while also working to promote skin regeneration and healing.

After your Pure Fiji Ritual, you skin will feel softened, revitalized and will be protected from further damage from exposure to environmental elements, leaving you with healthier, younger looking skin – naturally.

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