Read Our Hair Salon Tips On How To Upgrade Your Ponytail For 2020!

Let’s talk about ponytails. We’ve been rocking them since kindergarten but, for many of us, they’re still our go-to now that we’re grown! Why? It’s the simplest style going. You can achieve it whether you have a super cute bob or the lengths of Disney princess, plus, it suits everyone. It also takes mere seconds to complete and keeps our hair out of our faces as we get on with our busy lives! So, for all of these benefits and more, we see no reason to let go of our most beloved hair look. However, we are highly recommending you take a look at these super-fast and seriously chic ways of upgrading your fave style to give it a refresh and a well-deserved reboot for the months ahead!

That’s A Wrap!

Any time you choose to wear a hairstyle that incorporates unsightly hair bands, we recommend using this technique to give it a sleek edge! There are two ways of achieving this finish and you’ll only need a bobby pin or two for whichever you choose.

Technique 1

Wrap the hair around the top of the pony to conceal

Once you have your ponytail of choice secured, take a piece of hair (around half a centimeter wide) from the side, or from underneath your secured lengths. If you have layered hair make sure the piece you choose is long enough to wrap around the entirety of your hair elastic. Wrap the hair around the top of the pony to conceal the band and use your bobby pins to secure the end underneath. Push the bobby pin into the band for extra hold and you’re all set!

Technique 2

how you secure the hair you’re wrapping around your elastic

This second technique is very similar to the first in terms of how you secure the hair you’re wrapping around your elastic. For this one, however, you’ll want to leave two pieces of hair out of your ponytail at the front before securing your hair in place. Once again, make sure these pieces are each long enough to wrap around your hairband at least once after pulling them back. Bring one of the pieces back wrap it around the elastic and secure, then do the same on the other side. This will give the ponytail a seemingly endless flow from front to back, so chic!

The Super High Pony

A high ponytail might not seem like the most inventive style on our list but trust us, it’s one you should be rocking more! 

For a day time look, let your hair dry naturally and simply use your fingers to pull back the hair and secure with a hair elastic. If you need a little help getting the height, go ahead and flip your head over to get the hair into place then flip it back before securing. Pull out a few loose pieces for laid back, summery vibes! Once you’re done, use the Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray by Paul Mitchell! This will give your locks a strong lift and extra body whilst ensuring your style stays put all day. It’ll even fight the summer frizz in humid climates!

If you’re wanting to make this look a little more polished go ahead and blow-dry your hair for a sleek finish. Use a comb to draw all of the hair back and make sure it’s nice and high. Then, using your wrap technique of choice, mask the hairband with a piece of hair for a sleek, evening style! We even recommend adding a few bouncy curls or straightening the lengths of your ponytail for extra, after-dark style points!


Accessories are a sure-fire way to jazz up your ponytail in just a few seconds. It also means you can tailor your hairstyle to your day whether it’ll be spent at the office, attending an event, or even on a date! 

For a super-cute and fun summer look, try a soft ponytail with the addition of a silk scarf or playful, ’90s style scrunchie. This will add height and a pop of color! The perfect style to compliment a sundress or jeans and your favorite top! We also recommend using the Soft Spray Finishing Spray by Paul Mitchell for this style. Its lightweight formula contains flexible styling agents that will keep your hair in place without a rigid hold. 

If your ponytail is low and sleek, why not add in a few metallic hair slides to the side of your ponytail to emphasize it!

Plaits, Waves, And Curls!

If you love the height and style of your ponytail but feel the lengths of your hair aren’t doing it for you, try addressing that part of your look! A simple plait or fishtail braid will instantly elevate a ponytail and makes it look like you’ve taken much more time over your style than you really have! This style is also great for an active lifestyle and visits to the gym!

We also love ponytails with a sleek straightened look or a bouncy set of curls! Whichever you decide to go for, it’s certain to boost your regular pony! Try the Paul Mitchell Straight Works Hair Gel to tame your wavy or curly hair into a smooth style whilst also maximizing on softness and shine!

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