Winter Hair & Wear

Seasonal Styling Tips: Winter Hair & Wear

Winter Hair & Wear

From turtlenecks to chunky knitted cardigans there’s no denying the coziest items in our winter wardrobes are working extra hard right now! So, whether jeans and a long coat or a tulle dress and tights is your look of choice, we’ll show you just how to match your hair to your winter outfit!

Tulle Dress

The Look: Tulle Dresses

Velvet dresses are usually a firm favorite for holiday parties but this year, we’re all about tulle!

The Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles that are beautiful enough to match your tulle dress, you may feel a little lost. Do you go for a contrasting sleek and structured look or do you go all-in with a softly textured ‘do in-stead? The answer? Either!

1. A Sleek Up-Do

Firstly, try a chic up-do. You’ll want to avoid an over-styled, product heavy look but the overall appearance of your bun should be smooth and refined. This will contrast beautifully with the flyaway nature of your gorgeous tulle dress. Think off-duty ballerina and you’ll understand just what we mean!

2. Soft Curls

If an up-do just isn’t you, why not try a softer approach that directly resembles the delicate essence of your dress. Reach for the curling iron (or flat iron if you prefer) and wrap large sections of hair one at a time. The idea is to create soft curls so ensure to heat each section for a short amount of time only! Once all of your hair is curled, gently brush it through and apply a light shine serum to the ends. We recommend the Illuminating Moroccan Argan Oil by Garnier.

We also recommend a deep side part to give your look an extra hint of glamor!

Jeans and Chunk Turtle Neck

The Look: Jeans And A Chunky Turtle Neck

This is undoubtedly one of our favorite, off-duty winter outfits. Though it’s nothing new in the way of out-fit ideas, it’s a sure-fire way to stay warm in classic style.

The Hairstyles:

Keep it simple and don’t overthink your hairstyle when it comes to this tried and tested winter favorite!

1. A Messy Bun

Embrace the effortlessness of this simple outfit with a classic messy bun. It’s the perfect weekend combo and requires minimal styling. Simply gather your hair on top of your head and secure it with an elastic band. Choose Asos Design’s No More Snag Bands for pain free styling. A few bobby pins will take care of any flyaways too. We love how this easy to achieve style always looks so effortlessly cool! Not to mention it’ll perfectly complement the high neckline of your sweater!

2. Let Your Hair Loose

If you just can’t bear to expose your ears in these chilly temperatures, allow your hair to dry in its natural state and finish off with a hairdryer before stepping out. Run your fingers through the lengths of your hair whether it’s long or short, and casually flip it over to one side. It gives the same laid-back appeal as a messy bun with little to no styling! This is also ideal if you’re wanting to add a woolen hat to your look.

High Fashion

The Look: Logos

Whether you’re incorporating logos into your outfits or just your accessories, the Anushka Boutique can suggest the best winter hairstyles for your outfit!

The Hairstyle:

Poker Straight Hair

There’s no denying that the use of logos within our looks it totally high fashion! Lean into this trend and opt for a super-smooth, poker-straight hair. This will not only have you looking front row ready but will also allow your logos to be the main focus of your ensemble. This hairstyle will work on every hair type from super long tresses to short, blunt cut bobs. Let your outfits highlight your silhouette whilst your hair-style provides the face-framing qualities!

black long coat outfit

The Look: Capes & Long Coats

Statement capes and floor-length coats provide the perfect statement piece for your winter outfits 2019. They’ll bring some drama and a tailored finish to simple jeans and a sweater or a chic over layer to a winter dress or skirt. So, which winter hairstyles do we recommend to tie in with these coveted pieces?

The Hairstyles:

We suggest staying in line with the tailored style of your floor-length coat to successfully bring your whole outfit together. Think clean lines and minimal flyaways for an overall chic finish!

1. A Sleek Bun Or Ponytail

Wearing all of your hair up and away from your face will ideally complement your floor-length coat. It’ll also work wonders in lengthening your silhouette! We love how powerful and chic a high bun or ponytail can be even on their own. Worn fiercely with this particular trend, we just can’t get enough! Whether you’ve long hair or it’s on the shorter side, this look can work for you. Use bobby pins to secure shorter strands and finish with a styling spray or mist like the Fix Design styling spray by Loreal Professional.

2. A Single Braid

Just because a hairstyle is uniform, it needn’t be boring! A sleek braid is a great way of maintaining a put-together hairstyle all day long whilst still giving off a playful vibe. No matter which style you choose, every variation from dutch to fishtail will work perfectly!

The Look: Cozy Bags

Okay, so we realize this is more of an accessory trend than an outfit but, we just couldn’t resist discussing our hairstyle plans to match these super on-trend bags for 2019!

The Hairstyle:

Honestly, the choice is yours when choosing how to wear your hair with this trend but there’s one look in particular that all of us here at the Anushka Spa & Salon, West Palm Beach FL just have to recommend…

Voluminous Curls:

Understandably, this may be a little out there for some. The combination of a shearling or faux fur purse with bouncy curls in the same look may seem like overkill. Our view? If you’re embracing the fuzzy bag trend, really embrace it! Go all out and get some serious volume in those tresses with the Guts 10 Root Volumizing Spray by Redken to see out the remainder of the year in unforgettable style!

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