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Picture the scene. It’s early morning, you’re rushing out the door with half-eaten toast in your mouth, desperately searching through your bag for those car keys wishing you had another ten minutes. You’d in-tended to get to your hair but once again it’s ended up neglected, piled high in a scrunchie or stuffed into your trusty winter hat. Sound familiar? If your mornings contain more stressing than styling, we’re betting you’ll welcome these quick and easy hair tips with open arms! And when we say easy, we really mean easy. So, when a trip to our beautiful hair salon in palm beach county is needed but your super busy schedule doesn’t allow for it, turn to this helpful guide. It’s full of techniques to get the best out of your locks no matter your hair type!

Hair tips & tricks

Always Sleep With Your Hair In A Bun

Especially for those of us who tend to fidget through those warm South Florida nights, this simple trick will make all the difference when it comes to your morning hairstyling routine (or lack thereof). We know it feels amazing to let your hair out at the end of a long day but it won’t feel so good when you’re greeted with a matted mess come morning. 

By keeping your strands confined to a bun, you’re preventing them from rubbing against your pillow throughout the night and creating frizz and stubborn tangles. Collect your hair to the top of your head before bedtime and secure it with a silk scrunchie rather than a hair elastic to prevent unsightly dents when you remove it in the morning. 

The Slipsilk™ scrunchie by Slip is our top recommendation for overnight fastening. These beautiful scrunchies come in a range of prints and colors and are specially designed to be kind on your hair and avoid hair creases. Plus, they’re super soft!

For those with hair extensions, we recommend a plait instead. This will serve the same purpose without pulling your hair in the wrong direction and weaken your style.

This tip may not sound like much in the way of styling but trust us, you’ll be amazed at just how well your natural style is maintained and how little work will be required tomorrow morning!

Wave Goodbye To The Heat

We all adore the charm and nonchalance of beachy waves but few of us are blessed with the mermaid-esque locks we so desire. Until today! If you can believe it, the process for perfect waves requires zero heat, zero product and next to no time to achieve. After washing your hair, comb it through and style it into two plaits whilst it’s still damp. Then, hop into bed and sleep on it. That’s it!

Before you leave the house the next morning, let out your plaits and loosen the strands with your fingers rather than a brush or comb to prevent frizz. It’s as simple as that. A beautiful, easy-going hairstyle with next to no effort.

An added bonus: this style is drying your hair naturally meaning no unnecessary heat damage!

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Utilize Your Dry Shampoo

Yes, dry shampoo is excellent for the intended purpose of refreshing between washes but we also love this product for added lift and extending the life of your favourite style. We here at the Anushka hair salon in Rosemary square, highly recommend the dry shampoo styling paste by Badlands

This beautifully scented paste can be applied to both second-day and freshly washed hair for blow-drying. It’s as ideal for oil ab-sorption as it is for adding volume and its lightweight formula won’t cause build-up or weigh down fine hair. Simply apply a small amount to your roots and create instant volume for an updo or enhance the body of loose locks on wavy, straight or curly hair.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Whether you’ve been patiently awaiting your locks to lengthen or you’re regretting a recent chop, we all wish for a longer ponytail from time to time and we know how to make it happen instantly! Rather than gathering up all of your hair at once, start with the top section and secure it as though you were going for a half up half down do. Then, take the lower section and secure that ponytail an inch or two underneath the first allowing the hair from the top to cover your second hair elastic. Simply, layering your ponytails results in instantly lengthened locks without the need to wait a year or shell out for pricey extensions!

Styling Tip: Try the clear hair grip rings by Invisibobble to prevent split ends and snags whilst perfectly con-cealing your second pony fastening from view

Simple and Speedy Curls!

It’s no secret that curling your hair can be time-consuming which often means we don’t get around to it as often as we’d like. That’s why we think you’ll be glad to know that here in West Palm Beach, we have the secret to spending less time with your curling iron and more time feeling fabulous!

Before you begin curling your hair, make sure it’s clean and dry. Next, you’ll want to brush all of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic right on top of your head. Now, divide your pony in two. Taking one section at a time, wrap your hair around the iron from root to tip and hold for roughly 30 seconds. Reaching a temperature of 365°F, the ghd curve® classic curl iron is our favorite tool for creating fast curls that you can be confident will last all day. It also has a ceramic coating to prevent your hair from snagging. When your time is up, release the curl from the wand. Wait a few seconds so the hair isn’t too hot to touch, then hold it close to your head for a further 30 seconds to make the most of any remaining heat. Repeat this with the other section and release your hair. ‘Et voilà! Quick and easy curls for the whole head in a fraction of the usual time!

A Pro Tip: For denser curls, divide your ponytail into sections of four or six!

So, there you have it. Our pro tips for simple and successful hairstyling in minutes. We’re truly passionate about your hair and always looking for ways to help you love your locks in. So, next time you’re in down-town West Palm Beach, stop in for a smoothing keratin treatment, a restorative cut and blow-dry and more tips on how to care for that gorgeous hair of yours!

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