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Spring & Summer Hair Styles in 2019

Hair Styles for Hot Weather

At Anushka Spa & Salon, we pride ourselves on bringing our clients the latest beauty and fashion trends. Are you looking for the latest spring hairstyle trends of 2019??

Look no further. Our stylists have done their research to bring you the latest hairstyle trends!

1. Bobby Pins Crazy

Do you have an entire drawer full of bobby pins just looking for a reason to use them? Bobby pins can be used in all hair types in 2019. Bobby pins are both stylish and functional, use bobby to pin your hair back and elevate a side-swept look.

Bobby pins are the perfect inexpensive hair accessory that every girl has a ton of.

A new summer hair style in 2019

2. Wavy Lob Summer Hairstyle

Lobs are nothing new, but if it seems like even the celebs are going for even shorter this year its because they most definitely are. Our clients at Anushka Spa & Salon have been asking for shorter and bolder hair in 2019. Many of our clients are seeking a heavier more blunt look this spring. Lobs can be super messy but still super trendy.

The lob is a universally flattering look that can be work in so many different ways. But to keep your look up with the latest hairstyling trends this spring and summer wear your lob loose and wavy.

This is a flattering look that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. This is a must have summer hairstyle of 2019!

A girl with a blond short hair

3. Romantic Details

If you are more of an updo girl, then go ahead and leave those front pieces down for something a little less formal and a more effortless look. Pair this look with your favorite headband to add an element of romantic polished perfection.

updo hairstyle

4. High Pony Summer Hairstyle

Go ahead and take that high pony a little high in the high heat. For those of you with long luscious locks, gather your hair at the crown of your head in a tight slicked back hair-up ponytail. This look will allow you to smooth out your face a bit as we all love those benefits. 

high pony wavy hairstyle

5. Loose Waves

Loose waves this spring and summer add the best benefits with giving your hair texture a little added oomph. Take a break in the morning by simply adding a few loose curls. Not too many just a few to frame your face. Get this look by using a large curling iron and taking larger sections to prevent ringlet curls.

blonde loose waves hairstyles

6. Wet Hair Don't Care

We never would have imagined just how popular the wet hair, don’t care look would be in 2019. Get this loved look by slathering on as much hair oil or styling cream you want on your dry hair.

This look is meant to look wet, not be wet. It’s not the same as just hopping out of the shower and hitting the road. By adding your favorite product, you can keep your hair sleek and in with the summer style without the fear of humidity fuzz.

short wet hairstyle for women

7. Top Bun

A top bun is a perfect look for when it is just way too hot to deal with more added heat from your curling iron or flat iron.

This is our stylist’s go-to look at the salon for a quick put together look without any effort. Add a little spray after you twist your locks into a cute little top knot and you’re out the door.

Grab your favorite hair accessories to add a little sophistication to your top bun.

top bun hairstyle

8. Sleek N' Shine

One of the worst parts about the summer heat is your hair sticking to your face. When the temperatures are up, why not bring your hair back from your face.

Slick your hair back away from your face with a center-parted half-up style for something a little less basic than your average ponytail. We love this look.

Add a few curls to your hair that is left down to add a little room for the air to sweep through on your neck. For those of you with short hair, feel free to reach into your abundance of bobby pins to keep your face-framing pieces out of the way.

center part half up hairstyle

9. Straightened Out Summer Hairstyle

The biggest trick to keeping your hair pin straight in the spring and summer humidity is, of course, your favorite flat iron and a quality anti-frizz spray!

Our go-to anti-frizz spray is Discipline Anti-Frizz Smoothing Spray by Kérastase. You can pick up this great spray in our salon located in West Palm Beach, FL!

Top hair product for your hair type


10. Rapunzel Braid

Go ahead and let your hair down with a long braid. This look will keep you cool and still allow you to look polished and put together. This look is a great go-to for any type of hair.

If you have shorter hair, be sure to use those bobby pins and your favorite hair spray to keep those flyaways at bay this summer 2019!

blond braid summer hairstyle


For more go to styling trends, check out our latest blog on Nail Trends of 2019!

Stop by Anushka Spa & Salon located in West Palm Beach for an update on your spring and summer look for 2019!

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