Taking A Scalpel To Your Face – How Does Dermaplaning Work?


Now, we here at the Anushka Spa can completely understand that a treatment that puts a scalpel any-where near your body, let alone your face, may seem like an unequivocal ‘no!’ for many people. As facial treatments go this, of course, sounds like one of the more radical options out there. That being said, if you haven’t looked into this revolutionary skin treatment yourself just yet, we think you’re about to be very pleasantly surprised. Not only by its amazing results but also the fact that it’s basically pain-free! If your regular facial just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you’re looking for an anti-aging treatment that also removes unwanted facial hair, it may be time to give dermaplaning a go!

What Is A Dermaplaning Treatment?

Dermaplaning is a relatively quick and pain-free exfoliating skincare treatment. During your treatment, your aesthetician will use a scalpel to, effectively, shave the skin on your face, creating a smooth and even finish. Though you may not realize it, there are many layers of dead skin on our faces that can be safely and effectively removed along with those unwanted peach fuzz hairs! This results in a more youthful, glowing complexion that will better absorb your favorite creams and moisturizers whilst also creating a much smoother and softer base for makeup application!

What Dermaplaning Benefits Can I Expect From My Treatment?

Getting our faces shaved may not seem like the most glamorous of beauty treatments but, trust us, the results are well worth it! It can be used not only to address concerns such as unwanted vellus hairs but also can drastically improve the appearance of fine lines and even age spots. Though many at-home exfo-liating treatments may offer deep cleansing and the smoothest results, skin treatments of this caliber can really only be experienced when conducted by a professional.

Along with dewier, smoother skin that’s visibly more youthful and devoid of fine hairs, you will also notice your moisturizers, gels, and serums are all absorbed much more deeply and evenly by your newly exfoliat-ed skin, therefore their results will be much improved. You’ll also notice that your makeup will glide on much easier after your treatment and, often, you’ll need to apply less too! This is thanks to the removal of dead skin cells that may sometimes dry out the makeup you apply as well as the absence of fine hairs which can disrupt the overall finish of your look, especially your base foundation or tinted moisturizer.

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Who Is Dermaplaning Suitable For?

Though it is not usually recommended for those with persistent acne or other pre-existing skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema, dermaplaning is otherwise suitable for all skin types. Even those with sensitive skin can usually undergo this treatment through a consultation with your technician beforehand is always recommended. discuss with them the characteristics of your skin, let them know any sensitivities you have, how your skin usually reacts to treatments that are out of the ordinary and let them know of any skin health concerns. This will enable them to correctly assess whether or not this treatment is suitable for you. It will also aid them in recommending any post-treatment practices that may be beneficial to you such as avoiding products or makeup for a short while.

After your treatment, we highly recommend using a hydrating mask containing Hyaluronic acid such as the Moisturizing Moon Mask by Glossier. This works for all skin types and will give your newly dewy skin the best aftercare possible!

How Long Does Dermaplaning Take?

Happily, this treatment is a very quick one meaning it can easily be slotted into your busy weekend plans or even a long lunch break! You can expect the treatment to take roughly 30 minutes to an hour depend-ing on your skin type and whether or not you choose to have a post-treatment facial or not. Here at the Anushka Spa in West Palm Beach, our highly experienced aestheticians use a gentle touch to graze the top layer of your skin and reveal a renewed, healthier-looking complexion.

Will I Experience Any Pain With A Dermaplaning Treatment?

When we shave our legs or any other part of the body, we can feel the blade glide over our skin but do not feel any pain. Dermaplaning is just like that! You will be able to feel the blade gliding extremely gently over the skin on your face and neck, however, you will not experience pain of any kind. Some even find this treatment incredibly relaxing!

Additionally, to ensure you have nothing but a pleasant and welcoming experience, your aesthetician will carry out a custom conditioning treatment that’s especially selected for your specific skin type!

Will I Need Downtime Following My Treatment?

Unlike a chemical peel or other more intense facial treatment, there will be zero to no downtime required following a dermaplaning session. You may experience some light areas of redness, especially if your skin is on the more sensitive side, but other than that, there should be no other side effects.

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend a hydrocortisone cream such as the 1% Hydrocortisone cream by Aveeno
to reduce any mild redness you may experience.

Can I wear Makeup After Dermaplaning?

The results of your makeup after dermaplaning are something to behold! Your skin will have a new lease of life and your regular products will seem to glide on effortlessly, look more impactful and even last long-er! Though you can wear makeup following your treatment, it is highly recommended you allow your face a short period of rest afterward, much as you would with any at-home exfoliating treatment! Giving your skin around 24 hours to breathe is the optimal amount of time before applying your makeup again.

Dermaplaning In West Palm Beach Florida

If you’re hoping to make an appointment for a dermaplaning treatment in the near future, we will be very happy to accommodate you here at our beautiful spa in downtown west palm beach. We’re just a short walk from bustling Clematis Street, also in Palm Beach and are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, as well as Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m!

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