The crows feet fix

The Crows Feet Fix

When it comes to cosmedical nomenclature, the term “Crows Feet” raises a few eye brows. And that’s for good reason. Small lines fanned out to either side of the eyes resemble the toes of those haunting birds. And over time, it’s frightening how those lines can contribute to the overall look of aging.

At first, those tiny little lines may appear mild, even notating wisdom. But once they begin to increase in depth and travel further down the sides of the face, they suggest age, tiredness and damaged skin. And while we all can be tired from time to time, we certainly do not want to advertise it!

With just 24 units (recommended by Allergan and the FDA) quickly and expertly placed laterally to the eyelid, the eye expression can return to a more youthful and relaxed state. Quite literally, in seconds we can remove years of aging around the eyes utilizing this technique. This procedure, done in just a 30-minute appointment, may even make your eyes appear brighter because it can help to decrease the downward pull associated with the muscles that work to scrunch your eyes shut tightly. And the best news? Your face doesn’t feel any different, it just looks happier!

For those who like Dysport, instead of Botox, it can be used in the exact same way. The injections take under 5 minutes and normally there is no bruising, just a beautiful look.

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