The eyes have ot once again

The Eyes Have It Once Again!

Dysport® & Thread Lift

Think about interactions with people…you don’t really see them, until you see their eyes. This is true in the animal world also…pretty much everything makes eye contact in order to see the real self behind them. So, what happens when your eyes are no longer your best feature?

As we age, subtle changes happen. The skin around the eyes becomes a little more flaccid and mobile, resulting a slight loosening that appears like crepe paper. The upper lid and the skin and fat directly above it lose their support and begin to have a heavy appearance on the upper lid. As we continue to lose that glorious youthful fine fat layer underneath the skin we develop a bit of a “droop” from the weight of the skin and structures that are no longer supported by the fat. We even begin to “indent” in the mid forehead as a result, often making the brow and brow bone appear to protrude. Suddenly, these “subtle” changes are magnified. It makes us appear tired and unhappy.

The before and after of trying dysport


The surgical answer for this unwelcome but nearly ubiquitous phenomenon is a blepharoplasty. Sometimes a brow lift will be added to lighten up the weight of the forehead. In the right hands, the look after a period of recovery will be fresher and brighter. But for those of us who want a quicker, less-expensive fix, at least for now, there is an answer: The “Insta-Smooth Lift”.

With the use of a few Nova threads, and some fast acting Dysport® (BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used also), an instant improvement can be made in the heaviness and after only a couple of days the skin will be so much smoother due to the effect of the Dysport placed around the area of crow’s feet.

A woman before and after thread lift

How Does Thread Lift Work?

The material that is used is polydioxanone, a biocompatible, biodegradable compound that has been used for decades in medicine. Chances are that if you have had a surgery, the inner sutures that were used were polydioxanone.

The Nova threads are put through a process to make little “cut-outs” or “barbs” in the suture, resulting in a rough surface that will grab on to the subcutaneous (layer just under the skin) tissue. As the thread is pulled tighter, the skin is realigned in a subtle but quite noticeable manner. Then, as thread is absorbed by the body, fresh new collagen is supplanting the space that originally contained the thread.

The beauty of fresh new collagen is that it is tighter, healthier, and will actually serve to further adjust the skin in the desired direction. In other words, you keep on improving. Subsequently, by 4 months, the original “eye lift” is even better. The skin is softer thanks to the Dysport®, which should most likely be repeated at 4 to 5 months to maintain the smoothness around the eyes.

While the effect of the treatment may last up to 18 months, it is possible to place one or two threads in areas that one feels needs a little help. Since it is creating brand new collagen, it is a healthy and efficacious to “tweak” here and there.

Eye Products

It is important to remember that the skin just under the eye, or the lower lid, is the thinnest on the face. Therefore, using a product that will build up the dermis (the strong layer) is imperative. Consider a retinoid, such as Skin Medica Retinol .5%. This of course should be used all over the face to keep the outside healthy, since we are already working on the inside!

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