The Monochrome Makeup Trend-min

The Monochrome Makeup Trend

The Monochrome Makeup Trend-min

We don’t know about you but there are few things we love more here at the Anushka Spa and Salon than brand new makeup trends! No matter the season, we can always experiment with makeup to find fresh new looks or to celebrate and re-invent classic ones. With that in mind, we’re wholeheartedly embracing the monochrome makeup trend and breathing new life into this 80s inspired look. Palettes at the ready, it’s about to get colorful!

Tips And Tricks For The Perfect Monochrome Makeup Look

Now, you’ve seen the look and you know you want to try it out but what are the dos and don’ts when it comes to monochromatic makeup? Read on and discover our top tips for successfully achieving this stunning trend yourself at home! Alternatively, why not book yourself an appointment here with us in Rosemary Square, West Palm Beach Florida. Our incredibly talented makeup artists are here to give you the makeup look of your dreams for an upcoming party, date or even your wedding day! We also offer one on one makeup lessons so you can keep up your look in-between visits to our stunning salon.


Color Is Your Friend!

If there’s ever a time to shy away from color, it isn’t now! This trend is all about taking chances with shades you wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to during your daily makeup routine. It’s also about understanding the shades that suit your hair and complexion and using those colors in a way that they complement one another on each area of your face. This will enhance their intensity. For example, if you love shades of rosy pink and it suits your skin tone perfectly, use it as your eyeshadow, blush and lip color with high quality, multi-application products like the Ilia Multi stick by Ilia Beauty. It comes in 5 amazing pink colors and makes your makeup routine faster than ever! just a sweep of black mascara will be the perfect contrast!

Mix Up Your Textures

When it comes to matching colors on your eyes, cheeks, and lips, mixing up textures becomes even more important than usual. Why? If you imagine the same shade of burgundy on your eyes, cheeks, and lips and each time the finish is a matte one, the chances are your skin will appear a little lackluster and dull. To avoid this, make sure you’re introducing a varied range of textured finishes. For example, if your eyeshadow is a matte powder, mix things up with a high shine lip color. If you’re opting for glittery lids, chic matte lipstick and dewy, highlighted cheeks will draw the eye around your face and open up your features rather than blending them into one another.


Be Brave And Bold With Your Colors

It’s true that this particular makeup trend works wonderfully with the majority of colors from the lightest browns and beiges to the brightest neon blues and greens! We love it in every single shade. That being said, making a bold statement with the hues you select from your palette can truly make your look stand out in a way you perhaps hadn’t even considered before! As with any color trends, the brighter the shade, the more impressive and memorable it is. Well, that’s particularly true here! If you’re opting for mono-chrome makeup at your next event, take a small step outside your comfort zone and opt for that bolder blue or iridescent red, and fully embrace this characterful makeup look!

Which Colors To Use For Monochromatic Makeup

Okay, this one’s easy because all colors are good colors when it comes to creating this trend! The only question is, how bold do you want to be?! For those of us who usually prefer a more natural-looking fin-ish, the idea of bright orange eyes and matching lips may be a little intimidating. In this case, soft pinks, light browns, and even calm beiges will work like a dream to subtly achieve this gorgeous look. For those who love to live boldly and make a real statement with their makeup, embracing brighter colors is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your personality whilst perfecting this trend! Here are a few of our favorites…

Beautiful Burgundy

Make like Gigi Hadid and get red carpet ready with a sultry shade of burgundy eyeshadow and tinted lips in a lighter shade. To create this look, we highly recommend The Burgundy Bar eyeshadow palette by Maybelline New York. It has a gorgeous range of colors and means you can take your look from soft and subtle to bold and beautiful!

Racy Red

There are few things we adore more than red lips, that is until you combine them with a stunning shade of red eyeshadow and subtle red rosy cheeks to match! Indulge for the festive season or a red carpet event with the Foil Play Cream by NYX in the shade Rusty Red.

Pretty In Purple

It’s a color that few of us are totally confident with but if there’s ever a time to embrace this vibrant shade it’s now! Go all out with your monochrome makeup look and opt for dramatic purple eyes and lips. Once you try the Lip Intensity Lipstick by MAC in the shade Noblesse, you’ll wonder how you’ve never tried it before!

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