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The Most Amazing Reflexology Benefits

spa sanctuary west palm beach

If you’ve never considered a spa trip to indulge in a session of reflexology, let us tell you, you’re missing out! Perhaps you’ve simply never taken the time, maybe you’re unaware of its incredible health benefits or, possibly, you’re just not sure what it is. 

Well, that’s no problem. We’re here to help you understand reflexology in its entirety. From the theories behind this revolutionary technique down to the exact practices that you can expect to enjoy during your appointment. Simply read on and discover how reflexology can reduce those long endured aches and pains, significantly increase healthy blood flow and ultimately, relax your entire body.

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What Is Reflexology?

There are many many types of massage you can experience at a day spa from Swedish massages to hot stone massages, but none are quite like this. Reflexology works on the theory that certain areas of our hands and feet are interrelated to other parts of our bodies. 

Therefore, varying techniques and amounts of pressure can be applied to these areas that indirectly benefit their corresponding joint, muscle or organ. It’s also a fantastic way to make sure that you’re regularly practicing self-care.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Amazingly, there are around 7000 nerve endings in each of our feet. If you can imagine that each of these corresponds to a different body part, you’ll understand why treating our feet in this specialised way can be so incredibly beneficial. To do that, your reflexologist is highly trained to understand the ins and outs of the feet and will be able to accurately identify the correct reflex points to focus in on. Much like a sports massage, this technique will not only target very specific areas and ailments, it’ll also relax and soothe the area by increasing blood flow.

In some ways, Reflexology is even similar to acupressure. Both forms of massage pick out specific reflex points and use pressure to stimulate them to resolve recurring internal and external issues. Additionally, the use of aromatherapy essential oils will promote further relaxation whilst each different oil addresses a specific issue. For example, for those with particularly sensitive or irritable skin, essential oil of orange blossom will help to reduce redness and reduce the frequency of flare-ups. We also highly recommend the use of peppermint oils for improvements in respiratory function as well as its refreshing scent and cooling effect on muscular pain. One of our top recommendations? The gorgeous peppermint aromatherapy oil by Bath & Body Works.

Another favourite is, of course, Lavender. Lavender oils may be known for their natural calming effect on the body and mind, however, they are also perfect for other ailments to do with the skin including dandruff and pimples. For at-home use, we love the Lavender High Alpine oil by Escents Aromatherapy.

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Who Should Book a Reflexology Appointment?

Everyone! Everyone can benefit from this healing massage therapy technique in various ways. Unlike a regular foot or hand massage, foot reflexology and hand reflexology sessions are tailored to the individual. Your massage therapist will therefore work on each specific area of your body that requires the most care and attention.


For example, are you having problems with your eyes? Your reflexologist will know to focus some attention onto your middle finger and index finger which directly relate to that area. Tight pelvis? Focusing in on your heels may just be the answer. It may seem an unlikely correlation between the two but, trust us, the continued benefits post-treatment and feelings of relaxation during will speak for themselves!

Where Can I Go For The Best Reflexology Treatment?

We, of course, can highly recommend the Anushka Spa & Salon, West Palm Beach, Florida. With its soothing setting, highly trained massage therapists and the wide range of reflexology treatments available, you’ll be in excellent hands. From timely half-hour appointments concentrating on your hands to hour-long treatments for your feet, Anushka Spa will provide a restorative experience that will maintain the natural balance within your body whilst simultaneously encouraging it to heal and release tension.

What Are The Benefits of Reflexology?

Okay, so now you know what reflexology does and, overall, how it benefits the mind and body. Now, let’s get a little more specific. Below are some amazing and, possibly, somewhat surprising benefits that reflexology can promote. Make room in your schedule, you’re likely about to make your first appointment!


Increased Blood Circulation

Of all of its plus points, this is arguably the most known benefit of reflexology treatments. How that happens exactly and what it means for your body may be more of a mystery.

How does it happen? Reflexology works to improve your circulatory system by stimulating the correct parts of your hands and feet with varying amounts of pressure. In turn, blood is pumped more efficiently around the body meaning the oxygen is getting to all of the places it needs to faster and more frequently.

How does this benefit me? Increasing the blood flow and ensuring that oxygen is passed around your bloodstream correctly will ultimately benefit your vital organs. This process will not only help to maintain your energy levels but also aids the body in healing considerably faster.

Prenatal Massage and Reduced Menstrual Pain

For many expectant women, reflexology has proven to be a great comfort. Not only for aches and pains during pregnancy but also for postnatal recovery. While some claim it shortened the length of their labour, others have reported a speedier recovery time after giving birth. As the main practice of reflexology is to aid the body in the way of self-healing, it stands to reason that so many would find it a benefit during post-natal care. In addition, reflexology can also be a great comfort for those with acute menstrual cramps. Many enjoy this more natural way of relieving their recurrent pain whilst also taking the time to relax.

Releasing Tension

When it comes to booking yourself a relaxing spa treatment, often a back, neck and shoulder massage will be one of the first that comes to mind. It is, after all, a wonderful way to take time out and enjoy an hour or so of dedicated pampering. That being said, of all of the spa services you have to choose from, reflexology is most certainly one of the most revitalizing. Firstly, let your reflexologist know the areas in which you are experiencing the highest amount of tension. Then, let them target the areas on your hands and feet to soothe them, boost your energy levels and increase the blood flow to those problematic areas.

Increasing Your Energy Levels

When our busy schedules leave us feeling sluggish and low on energy we often feel highly irritable. As a result, we’re unable to decide the best way to get ourselves out of that rut. If you’re super busy, likely, you’re also low on free time. In this case, though we may want to more than anything else in the world, sleeping until noon just isn’t an option. So, how can we get ourselves energized in such a short period? The answer is reflexology. 

With just 30 minutes to spare, you can book yourself in for a timely yet restorative treatment and get that boost of energy you desperately need. Taking time out for yourself is always a sure-fire way to recharge your batteries. So why not do that whilst trying out a new technique which can also improve the functionality of your internal organs? This will encourage a faster metabolism which can, in turn, provide more energy within your body. It’s a win-win!


If you’re ready to start your journey to rest and relaxation through reflexology then don’t delay and book your first appointment today. After all, self-care should remain a highly important part of our day to day lives. We can think of no better way to begin on the path to a stress-free tomorrow.

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