These are the nail trends to look forward to for the rest of the year

These Are The Nail Trends To Look Forward To For The Rest Of The Year!

These are the nail trends to look forward to for the rest of the year

With the world the way that it is right now, we, of course, can’t be certain on the date of our next salon appointment or shopping trip. However, that definitely doesn’t mean we’re not still wanting to stay up to date with the latest style and beauty trends! Well, seeing as we can’t simply stroll into our fave boutiques or make a nail appointment for the foreseeable, we’ve done a little research for you and discovered the most highly anticipated and revolutionary nail trends you can expect to see everywhere for the rest of the year! That’s right, we may be DIY-ing for a little longer but we can still make sure our nails look incredible until our next salon appointments…

The Fiercest Animal Print!

Summer is most definitely creeping in and we couldn’t be happier about it! Brighter mornings, longer days, and beautiful weather long into the evenings means more time to show off your nails! And, you can trust us, this trend will grab everyone’s attention! As much as we love a sophisticated and subtle nail look for summer, we’re feeling pretty bold for 2020 meaning the neon animal print nail trend is high on our manicure-to-do list! Don’t get us wrong, we adore a tortoiseshell nail year in year out and certainly plan to rock it at some point before Christmas, however, this sunnier, and much brighter version is simply perfect for the warmer months! Opt for a mix of different nail polish colors, we recommend shades such as the Soles On Fire Neon yellow and the Come Here coral both by Essie and punctuate them with injections of black so they really pop against one another. We also recommend filing your nails into an almond shape for this look to get the fiercest finish possible!

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Goodbye blush, hello neon!

2020 nail trends are all about embracing the brightest and boldest side of your personality and style. This means neon nail polishes are simply perfect! Now, you can absolutely go for an all-over coat of neon all in one color for a cohesive look to match your outfit of choice. However, this year, we’re opting for something a little different! Instead of a simple neon coat, try dotting the neon polish onto each nail to create a stunning confetti effect! Start near the cuticle and, with increasingly more dots, work your way up to the tip thinning them out for a firework-like splash of unforgettable color!

The Prettiest Polka Dot Prints

We’re eternally besotted with polka dots and plan to rock this versatile polka dot nail trend for summer, fall, and winter! The options for this look are also endless. Opt for a white base with black dots, or a black base with white dots, experiment with the size, and even a colorful gloss or a matte finish! And you needn’t stop there. Try creating a mix of white on black and black on white dots whilst painting only half of each nail for a fun and gorgeously contemporary take on an old classic. This will look incredible with your dressiest dress or even to compliment a white tee and jeans! Create your perfect polka dot look with the My Private Jet black and the It’s In The Cloud nail lacquers by Opi!

yellow nail manicure style

Same Color, Different Shades!

When you’re feeling in the mood for a certain color but you just can’t decide which shade you love more, don’t stress out. Simply go for both and rock one on each hand! This off-beat way of wearing different shades in the same color family looks modern and fun but also intentional. Try one on each hand as we’ve mentioned or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, alternate the shades on each nail. If both of these sound a little out of your comfort zone, there’s always the tried and tested one nail look where you opt for a slightly lighter or darker shade of the color you’re wearing on the rest of your fingers just on one nail. Simple yet effective!

red line nail manicure style

French Manicures With A Twist For 2020

A classic french manicure will always hold a special place in all of our hearts. That said, it’s 2020 and we’re totally up for a contemporary twist to experiment with! If you feel the way we do, try swapping out your white tips for bright colors this summer, you’ll be so surprised at the result. This look still looks and feels sophisticated which is something we all desire from our nail art. However, it also feels fresh and new which is always so exciting! We personally adore a classic red tip for this look or even a pop of neon as the weather hots up! Also, as we get closer to fall and winter this year, we’re seriously looking forward to trying out those deeper and moodier tones to match with our fuzziest sweaters and fave leather boots.

Glitter Tips

We’re all in for glittery tips this year and can’t wait to see them dazzle under the summer sunshine and right through to the festive period! Treat your nails to an undercoat before applying your glitter polish or powder of choice and don’t forget to finish off with a top coat once that’s set! We personally think loose nail glitter is the best option here as it allows you to place the sparkles exactly where you want them before setting your new look in place! Go for a vibrant to make a statement and to match an outfit you’ve planned, or, keep it simple with a classic metallic color in gold, bronze, or silver. Whichever you choose, we guarantee you won’t be able to stop looking at your sparkling new nails!

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