This is why you aren't happy with your hair

This Is Why You Aren’t Happy with Your Hair!

This is why you aren't happy with your hair

Whether it’s the cold of winter, the extreme heat of summer or simply a lack of time spent caring for it, (yes that includes repeatedly reaching for our blow dryers!) at some point or another, we all become unhappy with our hair.

Is it disheartening? Totally. Can we fix it? Absolutely!

Now, annoyingly, we weren’t all born with the red carpet ready locks of an A-list celebrity, but guess what? Neither were they! (Apart from Julia Roberts perhaps, we’re pretty sure her naturally voluminous auburn curls are the result of magic fairy dust!) Never the less, it all takes time for the rest of us. Taking proper care and adopting a killer routine to keep our locks baby soft and free of split ends is vital and honestly, it needn’t take over your life. Just a few simple adjustments here and there can set you on the path to the glossy tresses of your dreams and we’re here to show you how! Get ready to whip your hair back and fourth ladies, it’s going to be a fabulous year for your lovely locks…

Time To Make A Change!

Hands up if you’re guilty of any of the following…

1. Rapidly brushing your wet hair fresh from the shower
2. Brushing your strands from top to bottom
3. Skipping / never reaching for the conditioner after shampooing your hair
4. Stepping out sans hat for a day at the beach
5. Using heated hair tools, every. single. day.
6. …we could go on but we’d be here all day!

We can bet there’s plenty of readers reaching for the sky right now as they’re guilty of more than a couple of no-nos on our list! If that’s you and you’re feeling sorry for your strands right now, it’s okay, go ahead and lower your hands. There are plenty of ways you can make it up to them!

Back Away From The Brush

One of the absolute worst things you could ever do to your hair is to brush it when it’s soaking wet. Not only are many of us doing that, but we’re also using a decade-old brush and directing each stroke from top to bottom! Firstly, brushing it in this way will not only cause stress to the roots, but it’ll also break the ends off as you pull wet tangles through the lengths of your strands. We beg of you, don’t do it! If you only make one change to your entire hair routine, make it this one. Work gently through your hair from tip to root and, instead of that ancient, bristly nylon brush you’ve had since before you can remember, invest in a wide-toothed comb or detangler! We highly recommend the Ultimate Detangler by Tangle Teezer. It’s totally safe to use on wet hair and comes in three super adorable shades!

kerastase nutritive masquintense masque

You Don’t Always Need To Heat Style!

We know, we know. It’s easier, quicker and sometimes more effective to reach for your flat iron or curler when you want to make your hair look great in a hurry. That said, you better believe your hair will let you know it’s not happy if you insist on daily heat styling without proper protection for your strands! Ideally, we’d highly recommend keeping heat away from your hair every chance you get. That includes avoiding super hot water when washing it, keeping it under a hat when it’s super sunny out no matter your hair color, and letting it air dry whenever possible. However, we know it’s easier said than done. So, if and when you do opt for heat styling tools, you must, must, must treat your hair to a protective layer at least! We highly recommend the Foundation Mist by Oribe as one of the best heat protection products out there! Spritz it onto your strands and allow it to condition, detangle and provide a thermal protective layer for your hair before applying heat tools.

One Condition To Fix Your Hair!

If you know that conditioning after shampooing has fallen by the wayside, you’re not alone. Sadly, your hair has noticed and is letting you know with the gift of flyaway strands and super dry ends! Show those dry locks you’ve not forgotten them with the Masquintense Thick Hair Mask by Kerastase. Not only will this intensely concentrated hair mask nourish your strands, but it’ll also detangle your hair and leave it feeling incredibly soft and noticeably thicker!

Taking Care Of Damaged Hair

If the damage is already done, don’t worry, your hair is by no means a lost cause! We can recommend the most incredible hair care products to restore your locks to their former silky glory! Our top recommendation? Split End Seal by Oribe! This incredible formula is silky smooth to the touch and will make sure your hair is too! Say goodbye to split ends as it’s also clinically proven to restore, fortify and preserve hair no matter its color!

oribe split end seal beautiful color treatment

Know When You Need A New Hair Cut

Sometimes, we can try everything in our power to soften split ends and tame unruly tresses but just don’t get the desired effects. In this case, it often means it’s time to book an appointment with your stylist at the Anushka Spa & Salon and treat yourself to a gorgeous new style! From a new cut and color for long hair to a freshen up for summer with a pixie cut, there are so many stunning hair cuts and hairstyles we can recommend, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner! It some cases a simple trim and deep condi-tioning treatment may just be the answer. If however, you’re wanting to shorten much longer tresses or you already rock short hair but want to mix things up, you’ll want to make sure your new look is perfectly on-trend! In this case, we simply must recommend a shag cut! A shag haircut is without a doubt one of our favorite short hairstyles and the beauty is, it works for pretty much every hair type! Thinking of going for it? Click here for all you need to know about the most Instagram approved chop of 2020!

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