Trend watch: The banana bun

Trend Watch: The Banana Bun!

Pretty girl trying the trend banana bun

At the start of every new season, there’s always one or two new hairstyles that start to dominate our news feeds. This spring and approaching summer, it’s all about the banana bun and we here at the Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach are totally loving this effortlessly chic up-do!

What Is A Banana Bun?

The banana bun is the name given to a bun at the nape of the neck which curves in a slanted angular shape, similar to the shape of a banana. It’s basically an updated version of your favorite messy bun trend but it’s on a slant and looks a heck of a lot chicer!

Why Is Called Banana Bun?

Though it may not have the exact same shape of our favorite yellow fruit, the banana bun does bear a slight resemblance thanks to its thin curved shape and tapered ends! You also create two banana-like twists before securing your bun which could be another reason this name originally came about.

Trend watch: The banana bun

Why We Love The Banana Bun

As spring hair trends go, the banana bun is one of our favorites to date! It looks great on both younger and older women and takes mere minutes to perfect. It also suits every hair color and looks as amazing with our sweats as it does with a dress and heels. It’s safe to say the banana bun is the ultimate trend to try for ta hairstyle looks like you made an effort, without really making one!

New style for banana bun

Who Can Rock A Banana Bun?

Because you’ll need to be able to twist longish sections of hair to create this look, it’s easiest for those with shoulder-length, medium length, and long hair. That’s not to say that those with shorter length hair can’t attempt this look, it just means the result may be a little different to the classic banana bun shape. Only those currently rocking pixie cuts will have to wait a little longer to give it a go! In terms of hair type, this style, like many other buns, works perfectly for those with thick or thin hair. That said, if you want to amp up the volume before creating this look to give it that cool-girl vibe, why not add to your hair texture with a curling iron to create a beach wave effect. This will add perfectly to the laid-back feel of this gorgeous hairstyle!

banana bun hairstyle

How Do I Create A Banana Bun In My Own Hair?

One of the many reasons we absolutely adore this spring hairstyle is because it’s the ultimate go-to for lazy girls! It takes just a couple of minutes to create yet looks incredibly chic and, providing it’s properly se-cured, will last all day long.

Now, this style can most certainly be achieved on second, third or even fourth-day hair with the help of a little spray shampoo! That said, if you want to start on clean hair for a fresher look, start by cleansing your strands with the Bain Fluidealiste shampoo by Kerastase. This gorgeous formula is designed to gently cleanse and discipline unmanageable hair by restoring natural fibers leaving it soft to the touch. This will give the perfect starting point before hydrating your hair!

Next, we recommend the Lait Cristal conditioner, also by Kerastase. This conditioner is perfect for long hair and purifies your tresses from root to tip. It’s also designed to leave your hair feeling smoother, shinier and much easier to detangle!

From here, treat your freshly washed and conditioned tresses to a spray of Kerastase’s VIP Volume in Powder. This will give your hair added volume and allows extra texture to play with as you style your hair. This works beautifully for the laid-back look of a banana bun!

Now, simply divide your hair into three sections and secure the middle section in a mid to low ponytail with a no-snag hairband. Then, wrap the right section over the middle one and twist them together a couple of times. Take the remaining left section and wrap it underneath the other two. Twist them all together in that slanted angle and secure with bobby pins. Finally, secure the remaining lengths of your hair into the banana shape you’ve started by twisting sections and securing with pins. This part doesn’t need to be neat, just let it follow the banana style shape you’ve created. Pull out a few face-framing pieces and you’re all set!

blonde banana bun hairstyle

When Should I Wear A Banana Bun

The beauty of a banana bun is not only that it’s so quick and easy to create but also that it looks good for literally any occasion. Wear it on the weekends with jeans and a tee to give a classic twist to your look or rock it with your outfit that took months of planning for fashion week. The result is an effortlessly chic hair-style that’s right on trend and looks elegant yet coolly nonchalant at all times!

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