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Choosing The Right Wedding Day Hairstyle

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It is almost peak-wedding season in West Palm Beach, Florida and if you haven’t figured out who will be doing your makeup and hair for your special day, now is the time. At Anushka Spa & Salon, we fill up fast this time of year with brides and their bridal parties, helping to carry out the beauty of their special day.

Your hairstylist has a bigger role than you would imagine in determining your final bridal look. Different hair styles can make your face look drastically different. Determining which hairstyle is right for your face is important before your big day.

At Anushka Spa & Salon, we take pride in making sure our brides have the best look for their features as well as matching the style of their wedding theme and location.

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Wedding Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

No two faces are exactly alike, so keep that in mind before you choose just anyone to complete your look on your wedding day. Our stylists at Anushka have seen hundreds of brides and have perfected the look every time. The first item on the list for determining the look that is best for you is to determine the shape of your face.

1. Oval Face Hairstyles

With an oval face shape, you can nail almost any hairstyle you can dream of. Don’t want an updo on your special day? No problem let your locks free with a center parting & use long curls away from your face to accentuate those killer cheek bones.

2. Square Face Hairstyles

For an up-do, you will want to try a low bun with a few strands to frame your face in order to take attention away from your drastic jawline & reduce the harshness of the corners of your face. If you are looking to leave your hair down on your special day, try a long, straight look with a center part to soften the edges of your face.
PIcture of heart face hairstyle

3. Heart Face Hairstyles

Achieve the perfect romantic look with slightly off-center parted hair & add braids to emphasis the sweetness of your smile for photos.

4. Long Face Hairstyles

To keep the classic look, try a 2019 look of a topknot but be sure to keep the topknot toward the bottom of your crown to prevent your face from looking too elongated. Sweeping curls are sure to make your face look a little rounder and less long. A little hair tucked behind your ear will add more width and allow you to expose your cheekbones.

5. Round Face Hairstyles

Achieve the perfect romantic look with slightly off-center parted hair & add braids to emphasis the sweetness of your smile for photos.

If you are having trouble determining which facial structure fits you, ask your big day stylist at Anushka Salon for their professional opinion. If you aren’t 100% sure what the shape of your face is, you may be a mix between the two. All the more reason to have a seasoned stylist assist in achieving your wedding day look.

Now that you understand the importance of which overarching styles suit your face the real search can begin! The choices are endless, that is why Anushka’s Hair Stylists have compiled a list of top hairstyles for weddings in 2019!

honey blond wedding hairstyle
wedding hairstyle west palm beach

Tips on Wearing Your Hair Down on Your Wedding Day

Our stylists at Anushka have taken all of our experiences with brides who have insisted on letting their hair down on their wedding day to bring you the best tips and tricks to keeping your locks perfectly placed throughout your wedding day events.

Loose hair can turn into a messy, greasy, fly away mess pretty quickly. However, there are a few things to consider when managing the look, you want!

1. Pull All of Your Hair Back Away from Your Face

This is one of our stylist’s top recommendations to ensure the hair around your face doesn’t become overwhelmed with grease. We can add simple braids or hair accessories to keep stray hairs in place throughout your wedding.

2. Your Maid of Honor Won't Mind Holding on To Your Dry Shampoo

At Anushka Salon, we will make sure your look is compatible with dry shampoo for quick touch ups throughout the day. Dry shampoo will allow you to soak of the grease, just add a few spritzes around the frame of your face on as well as directly on the scalp. If you’re in a pinch, plain corn starch will work just as well, especially for brunettes who unfortunately show more grease than blondes!

3. Texture, Texture, Texture

There is no need to fight your natural hair texture, embrace it! If you have curly hair, a light touch of hairspray with a curling iron will help to create neat waves. If you want to keep your sleek straight hair, add a little texture with light products and polish it off with a precision flat iron.

4. Volumized Hair

To ensure maximum volume on your wedding day, our stylists use their favorite mouse for your hair texture before we begin styling. Another way we add volume to your hair is by flat ironing your interior hair layers to keep the fullness.

5. Hair Spray Will Be Your Best Friend

Just as important as dry shampoo, hair spray is a must have for your wedding day. Be sure to ask your stylist at Anushka about which hair spray is right for your look and hair texture to ensure you don’t weigh down your look. Our stylist will be more than happy to show you the best technique for touch ups all night long. Over using hair spray will ruin your look, so go light!

6. Pick Your Style

Just because you choose a natural look, doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist at Anushka to play around with braids and twists to keep your look simple but chic.
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The Best Hairstyles for A Beach Wedding

When it comes to South Florida, beach weddings are a huge commodity. At Anushka Salon we encounter many brides whose perfect day begins at their beach ceremony. Most beach weddings bring the feel of a simply, intimate wedding by the ocean with the beautiful pink and purple sky as the back drop. If this seems to fit your day, our stylists have a few hairstyle options for your big day!

Our first professional stylist suggestion it to keep it simple! Leave the excessive hair accessories at home, your venue will already make the wedding unforgettable. Hence, the simpler, the better! Our second stylist suggestion is to choose a hairstyle that can withstand the breeze, the heat from the sun and not to mention the salty, sweet air!

brown wedding hairstyle

1. Half-up, Loose Wave with FLowers

As simple as a half-up do can be, it takes a professional stylist to keep the look perfected! Pull your front hair back and let the rest flow with beautiful placed, loosed curls finished off with beach resistant products our stylists choose specifically for this scenario. Add a few flowers that match your bouquet and you will absolutely turn heads, especially your soon-to-be hubby!

2. Long, Shiny Waves

These beautiful and soft, shiny curls will give you that effortless look instantly. Just let your hair fall upon your shoulder with big curls to add an elegant statement. Don’t overdo it with the curls, the heat and the air are sure to have them fall. Long, shiny waves are more likely to stay where your stylist puts them and if they fall a little, they will still look perfect for your wedding.

3. Low, Loose Chignon

A low, side-swept chignon is the best way to look chic and elegant for a beach wedding. This lovely hairstyle will suit whichever dress you want. Bring a few ideas to your consultation for accessories if they are a must have for your look.

4. Braids

The twisted braid that is a little bit undone gives a very sexy, beach look. Put on some flowers and you’ll get a hint of sweetness. Braids are always perfect on the beach. They fit the setting and can be tweaked to match the style of your dress. Be sure to ask your stylist at Anushka about a half-up braid!

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Pre-Wedding Hair Preparations for Every Type of Hair

Based on recommendations from our stylists at Anushka Spa & Salon, there are no short cuts to perfect hair on your wedding day. Different types of hair need different things to achieve perfection. Therefore, it is recommended based on your hair type to prepare for the big day with remedies to prevent hair disasters! Try each of the following treatments approximately once a week for 4 weeks prior to your wedding, you will be so glad you did.

curly wedding hairstyle

1. Oily Hair

Weepy, damp-looking hair is never a great look, especially on a bride. One way to remedy this issue is to check your shampoo; avoid products with heavy conditioners as the extra moisturizers will turn your hair into a greasy mess!

Expert Stylist Tip: Customized hair treatments at Anushka Spa & Salon will allow you to reduce the extra oil while keeping your hair nourished.

2. Dry Hair

Everyone can attest to overly exposing their hair to hairdryers, flat irons and other high heat styling tools. Regularly coloring your hair frequently exposes your locks to chemicals that can cause drying and breaking to occur without the proper aftercare. For color and heat-treated hair, you should pick a shampoo and conditioner with added moisturizers.

Expert Tip: Don’t purchase your shampoo and conditioner from the drug store. Many shampoos and conditioners from essentially over the counter are full of products that add a film to your hair that can prevent it from retaining the moisture it needs.

3. Itchy Scalp

If you experience an itchy scalp frequently, the chances are you may experience hair loss from the dandruff build up. It can happen due to insufficient rinsing after washing your hair that can cause your scalp to become dry and irritated.

Expert Tip: Don’t purchase your shampoo and conditioner from the drug store. Many shampoos and conditioners from essentially over the counter are full of products that add a film to your hair that can prevent it from retaining the moisture it needs.
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Make-Up & Pre-Wedding Preparations

Haircuts, styling, eyebrow trim, facials and massage treatments.

Allow us to design a spectacular package for you and your bridal party, or your groom and his entourage. Here are a few of our group packages:

You can also reserve our bridal retreat or nail lounge exclusively for your wedding or bachelorette party.  Treat your party to a day of glam and pampering, plus champagne and lite bites as our special treat to you!

Your special day deserves our undivided attention. Let us take care of all the fine details when it comes to your bridal beauty and relaxation needs.

Our bridal concierge at Anushka Spa & Salon will work with you to completely customize your pre-wedding and day of beauty treatments. Whether planning for yourself, or the entire party, our special occasion experts can deliver your dream for the big day.

To schedule a consultation with Anushka Spa & Salon’s bridal concierge, please call 561-820-0500.

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