Picture of a woman applying sunscreen

We’ve Uncovered All Of The Tired Skin Facials That Really Work

Picture of a woman applying sunscreen

When dealing with overworked, tired skin that’s thirsty for moisture, it can feel like that dewy complexion you once knew (or have always wanted) is merely a pipe dream. If you’re sitting there nodding, running your fingers over your face, and wondering what you can possibly do to reduce the effects of months worth of damage, you can relax, you’ve come to the right blog! We’re here to offer you advice on the best practices and products that’ll help you regain a re-energized, moisturized complexion in no time…

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Those on social media will undoubtedly have seen every influencer and celebrity on the planet talking about dermalinfusion over the past year or so. However, if you’re still wondering what this so-called miracle treatment is and how it could fit into your facial treatments, let us enlighten you a little. Dermalinfusion is a patented technology that simultaneously exfoliates the skin on your face whilst extracting dirt and nasties from your pores and infusing them with serum. This cutting edge exfoliation treatment is one of the most effective new ways of improving a multitude of skin conditions such as dry skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin textures, sun damage, and more. It’s also recommended for improving overall skin tone and has great anti-aging benefits!

Face Masks

Face masks are a treatment that we often see as luxurious, one that’s overindulgent in terms of the time it takes. Therefore, so many of us rarely allow ourselves the time to apply them. However, though applying a mask may take a little longer than slathering on your moisturizer, they are totally worth taking those few extra minutes over when it comes to improving the texture and health of tired, dull skin. 

Additionally, whatever your skin type may be, there is a face mask out there for you. That means you can always find one that tailors to your needs and concern areas at home, as well as within a spa setting. 

Between appointments here at our luxurious spa and salon in Rosemary Square, we recommend the Rejuvenating Mask by Glytone. This incredible mask is suitable for almost every skin type and truly covers all bases for tired skin. It also works to hydrate, plump, and approve the appearance of your complexion in only 10 minutes. This is thanks to ingredients such as glycolic acid, collagen, and Vitamin C.

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Facials At The Anushka Spa

When it comes to hydrating the skin with revolutionary treatments, the Anushka Spa And Salon is your one-stop-shop! Choose from any one of our luxurious and highly effective facial treatments and we can guarantee you’ll leave with a significantly improved, dewier, and more radiant complexion than ever before. Our uniquely qualified aestheticians know the science behind how your skin functions. They are on hand to recommend the best facial treatments for your areas of concern, plus, they conclude each treatment with a recommended combination of products specially curated to help maintain the health and radiance of your skin between each visit.

Want to know more? These are just a few of our favorite facials and are those which are targeted towards combating the effects of overworked, undernourished, tired skin!

tri-lifting glow facial treatment

Tri-Lifting Glow Facial Treatment

The tri-lifting glow facial treatment is one of our longer treatments lasting a total of 80 minutes and is split into three incredibly luxurious phases. It includes microdermabrasion for exfoliation, the newest NuFace microcurrent technology for massage, and an oxygen-infused intraceuticals serum which is a custom mix tailored to your individual concerns and skin needs.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

This super-hydrating facial treatment uses hyperbaric oxygen technology which quickly infuses your skin with serums high in vitamins and antioxidants that tone, lift, and hydrate your skin. Choose this appointment for a more youthful, glowier all-round complexion. That tired, dehydrated skin won’t know what hit it!

Signature iS Clinical Facial 

This is our signature facial designed specifically to address and improve the effects of toxins that lead to tired skin and premature aging. It includes a gentle yet effective exfoliation treatment, alongside cleansing, steaming, and extractions to effectively detoxify tired skin!

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