What is glass skin makeup?

What Is Glass Skin Makeup?

What is glass skin makeup?

You’ve probably noticed there are countless skincare and makeup trends cropping up on your feeds, es-pecially whilst we’re in isolation with a little extra time on our hands! But, with trend after trend claiming to be the next big thing in skincare solutions, it’s hard to know which are worth our time and attention, right? Well, if you’ve yet to discover the wonder that is the glass skin trend, you can trust us… this beloved Korean Beauty technique is totally worth your while!

With summer approaching at speed, we’re hot on the heels of any makeup looks or skincare routines that offer a fresh feel, a smooth complexion, and all over naturally glowing skin! That’s why we’ve fallen so to-tally in love with glass skin technique, and why you will too! If it’s something you’ve heard of but not yet tried or we’re your first introduction to this coveted sunshine look, don’t worry. We’re about to guide you through perfecting it whilst filling you in on all of the reasons to love it along the way!

What Does The Term ‘Glass Skin’ Actually Mean?

Before you try the glass skin trend, you’ll probably want to know what it is exactly! Well, imagine the even base, smooth appearance, and translucent finish of a clean sheet of glass. That’s the effect you’re trying to create for your skin with the use of excellent skincare products and clever makeup tips and tricks! Every time your scroll through Instagram and see truly smooth skin with a dreamily dewy finish before you, you can bet the glass skin technique has been used to achieve it!

Prepping Your Skin For The Perfect Base!

Now, before you begin choosing the makeup products you’re going to apply, you’ll want to make sure your skin’s receiving the best possible care and attention for a natural glow. Introducing an excellent skin-care regimen into your daily routine will give you the ideal base as well as a healthy complexion when the time comes to apply your makeup!

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The first step in any good skincare routine, and especially for those hoping to achieve a glass resemblant texture, is a fantastic facial cleanser! A face wash is good for removing dirt particles and general grime but a cleanser will really get to work on removing any nasties from your face at the end of the day! We recommend a double cleanse, firstly to remove your makeup, and then to cleanse the skin itself. For this, we adore the Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel by Dr. Dennis Gross. This luxurious cleanser exfoliates and tones the skin, cleansing deeply with its soap and sulfate-free formula! It’s also vegan and works on all skin types to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores whilst removing all makeup and dirt from your face. It also removes dead skin cells but won’t strip your skin of its natural oils meaning you’ll maintain a healthy glow.


The next step you simply cannot miss? Toner! Many of us are guilty of skipping this step most days, how-ever, if you really want to achieve that glass skin look, you must must must include it! We’re loving the Glytone Acne Clearing Toner right now! Not only is it incredible refreshing (especially in warmer weather!), it also works to unclog the pores, heal any nasty blemishes, and prevent further breakouts, including blackheads! This is an essential step in prepping your skin for the glassy finish of your dreams!


Step three is the final step we’d say is absolutely essential in achieving the ideal base for glass skin. You guessed it, moisturizer! Get your hands on a moisturizer that benefits your skin type and hydrates it enough to leave a healthy glow and a dewy overall appearance. We recommend the Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion, also by Dr. Dennis Gross. This oil-free, hydrating gel-cream is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. It’s perfect for hydrating combination, dry, normal, oily, and sensitive skin types!

Finally, you also should always be applying sunscreen on your face to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. (And yes, this definitely applies all year round, not just in the summer months!)

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Face Masks

It’s your choice whether you opt for wash off, or sheet masks. Either way, using hydrating masks twice a week or more is a great way to introduce a little added moisture to your skin whilst promoting a smooth, blemish-free appearance!

How To Achieve Glass Skin Makeup

The road to smooth skin isn’t always an easy one and it can take some time and lots of learning just what your skin type responds to in a positive way. However, even if your skin has blemishes (as most of us do!) this is still a technique you can achieve and enjoy and these makeup tips will certainly help!

Start with clean skin and apply your moisturizer of choice. Whilst it settles in, make sure you’re in a good, natural light and take note of where your skin picks up the light. The added moisture will make this easier to notice and replicate later! For your base, keep it light with a moisturizing foundation and avoid using lots of powder. A super-light dusting is okay to set the areas that need it, but too much will leave you with a matte finish rather than a dewy one!

A little cream blush and a sweep of mascara is all that’s needed in the way of color and definition and will keep your makeup looking totally natural and ‘barely there’. After all, we want all the focus of this look to be on your skin! Finally, apply a very modest amount of, preferably, liquid or cream highlight to the areas you noted before in your natural light setting. For most, this will consist of the brow bone, the bridge of your nose, your upper cheekbones, and your cupids bow!

We recommend a cream/liquid highlight to keep your skin looking nourished instead of leaving it with a dry finish as powdered highlighters often can! We recommend the Art Of Glow Stick by Makeup Factory! This gorgeous highlight stick is super easy to use and gives you the ability to apply with a light touch! It has the most beautiful, light-reflecting pearl pigments and quickly leaves you with a subtle shimmer and a soft silky glow!

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