Why keep up your beauty routin

Why Keep Up Your Beauty Routine

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Between a disrupted work schedule, not seeing our family and friends and staying at home 24/7, there’s no denying that everything feels a little off right now (to say the least!). We’ve been practicing social dis-tancing, of course, but following the new executive order given by Florida Gov. Rin Desantis that the state of Florida follows a stay at home order, the days’ now seem stranger than ever.

It’s really no wonder then that, as we adjust to this new way of life without routine or knowing how or when we’ll resume our regular lives, we’re starting to neglect our daily skin and hair regimes. After all, if we’re not going out and nobody besides those we live with are seeing us, why bother right? Wrong! There are so many reasons why sticking to your daily beauty routine, or something close to it, will benefit you right now. Luckily for you, we’re here to shed light on each one of them and to talk you through how you can use this time to make your routine even better!

Your Hair Routine And Why Disruption Can Be Beneficial

We can’t deny that leaving your hair unwashed for days on end can have its benefits from time to time. By skipping the shampoo, the natural oils within your scalp have a chance to return and nourish your roots, you’ll avoid dragging a brush through wet strands and damaging the hair follicles, plus you’ll save on shampoo and water! So, if you can get away with an extra day or two of unwashed tresses right now (and you don’t have any virtual work meeting scheduled in) we say go for it! The result will only improve the condition of your hair and make the products you use in the days afterward even more effective!

How And Why Should You Continue Your Usual Hair Care Routine?

Now, skipping the suds is all well and good if you’re choosing not to wash your hair because it’s beneficial to your scalp. Treating your strands to some well deserved time off away from heat styling and so on is something we recommend for any hair care routine whether we’re in lockdown or not! If, however, you’re avoiding sudsing up your strands because you’ve simply fallen out of routine or you just can’t find the motivation to style it, this is where your routine can, and should, come back into play!

Why is that? You ask…

Remember that feeling of soft, freshly washed hair? Remember that gorgeous smell of your favorite sham-poo as you lather from root to tip? Remember feeling fierce as you swish your freshly blow-dried locks in the morning? All of those things make us feel really good. In fact, they make us feel amazing and we could all do with a little more of that right now! So, just because you might be showing off your freshly styled tresses to your dog in the kitchen instead of to your friends at 5 pm drinks, the fresh, revived feeling you get remains the same. Do it for yourself and for those luscious locks. After all, keeping them in great condition will not only benefit your hair health once this is all over, it will also feel incredible right now!

Why keep up your beauty routin

Which Products Do We In West Palm, Florida Recommend Right Now?

If you’ve scraped your hair into a bun for the fifth day in a row and are feeling a little low and not quite like yourself, treat yourself to an at-home wash as well as a deep conditioning treatment this evening. Start off with the Bain Micellaire shampoo by Kerastase. This luxurious shampoo will leave your hair feeling beautifully clean with a healthy glow. 

When the time comes to condition your locks, try the Creme de Re-generation also by Kerastase for deep revitalization and a purifying effect for your scalp. You’ll be amazed how good it feels and, once regular life resumes, your strands will still be in great condition having retained their former nourished and conditioned glory!

Your Skin Care Routine

We absolutely understand that your skincare and beauty routine doesn’t feel like the most important thing going on right now. However, given that our lives feel a little more than disrupted right now, we truly believe that focusing on the things we have some control over, being kind to ourselves and taking care of our hair and our skin from the inside out, can be a totally healing and beneficial process to keep up with. Additionally, on the day that normal life resumes as we remember, it won’t hurt to step back out into the world with dewier, healthier skin than ever before!

Start with your favorite facial cleanser. We recommend the Cleansing Complex cleanser by iS Clinical. This clear, lightweight, gentle cleanser is one of our favorite and most recommendable skincare products as it’s suitable for every skin type. Once you’ve washed your face and gently buffed away any dead skin cells, make sure it’s free of moisturizers and makeup, then use this to gently cleanse your face without stripping essential natural oils.

Once you’ve cleansed your skin, move onto addressing any specific skin concerns you may have with iS Clinical’s range of specific skin care treatment products.

Finally, even those with oily skin need to make sure they’re keeping their skin well hydrated! Opt for the iS Clinical’s Youth Intensive Creme. This intensive moisturizer is clinically proven to provide 24-hour hydration and to rapidly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

From all of us here in West Palm Beach Florida, stay home, stay healthy and stay positive. We’re all in this together.

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