Hair Style Refresh For 2019

Are you in serious need of a major hairstyle refresh for 2019? Our stylists at Anushka Spa & Hair Salon are right there with you. Nothing makes us feel more alive than a fresh look. That is why, we are bringing you the latest haircuts and styling trends for 2019! At Anushka Spa & Hair Salon, we have worked endlessly to bring the best looks of 2019 directly to you. No more searching for what’s in and what’s not this year. As one of the most elite hair salons in Southern Florida as per our Intercoiffure membership, recently named in 2018. With 2019 in full bloom, it is time you start planning your official 2019 look by booking your next appointment at Anushka Spa & Hair Salon.

Looking back on 2018, it was drama, drama, drama. And yes, we are referring to both hair style trends and colors. Hairstyles for 2018 were either extremely long and lustrous or short with a lot of texture. And according to not only our stylists but our exclusive celebrity intel, bold haircuts and styles will continue all through this new year.

So, if it’s time to make a bold change to bring your look into 2019 or if you are just desperately in need of a haircut, read on to see what our stylists at Anushka Spa & Hair Salon see as the up and coming 2019 hairstyle trends!

1. Strong, Face-Framing Hairstyles

Strong face-framing cuts are one of the most popular haircuts for the 2019 trends. The 1980’s mullet is getting a serious upgrade this year and taking the “business in the front, party in the back” to a whole new level and we absolutely love it!

According to L’Oreal Professionnel Artist, Drew Schaefering, bi-level haircuts that are shorter around the face but longer in the back will be huge in 2019. “There is an element to haircuts now that we haven’t seen in a while involving bi-level perimeters and a stronger shape cut around the face, hinting toward shapes reminiscent of the ’70s and earlier periods,” says Schaefering. “I am seeing more women embracing this bold shape and cutting the length from the front and shifting it to the back, while cutting away around the face, resulting in a stronger round shape.”

Our stylists at Anushka Spa & Hair Salon recommend that when planning for your next hair appointment, keep in mind that the perfect haircut for you is one that doesn’t take too much effort. If the style you are looking for takes too much effort with your hair type, it may not be the right one for you.

2. Fabulous Lobs & Bobs Hairstyles

Chin-length bobs have proven once again that they may in fact be the haircut to get in 2019. Take it from celebrities like Hailey Baldwin who chopped her already-existing bob even shorter this year.

A cute, short blunt bob like the one Hailey Baldwin just got is not only fun but also super easy to style. For Hailey, this style is perfect for her! This short, blunt bob in 2019 looks good no matter how you style it from wavy to straight.

A short bob hair
If you already had a short bob in 2018, and you are looking to grow it out this coming year, you’re in luck as lobs are also in, in 2019! Growing your hair out to right below your shoulders are a look any one of our stylists would recommend as a hairstyle trend this year.

The trending styles this year are bringing back a retro look inspired by the 70’s revival. Keep in mind that celebrities like Karlie Kloss are speaking on behalf of this haute style for 2019.
blunt cut
In 2019, our stylists see the continued swing away from shattered and layered hair to a sharper finish with a blunt cut. Rather than letting your locks grow to whatever length with a sharp cut, our stylists at Anushka Salon recommend a pretty exact length, dropping somewhere between the nape of your neck and your ears.

Fortunately for our clients with all different types of face shapes, this look is for all of you! A blunt cut can be altered to the length that is most flattering for your face. A blunt cut can help thicken the appearance of thin hair, while at the same time softening thick hair when styled appropriately. In reality, when styled correctly for your face type, a blunt cut can also do wonders for your facial structures.

Before you leave the Anushka Spa & Salon, ask your stylist to show you the best ways to style your new look. When our clients come in requesting a drastic change, they often do not know what styling techniques will work best for their fresh look. Our stylists are more than willing to help to choose not only styles but also products that will help your new look maintain the perfection you achieve at Anushka Salon.

3. Bangs, Bangs, Bangs

More and more celebs and limelights alike are making a statement in 2019 with bangs! Yes, you heard our stylists right, bangs are once again in for 2019. And, don’t worry, there isn’t a set style for bangs that are in. Your bangs no longer have to be perfectly polished or curls and teased. Your bangs are open for personal style in 2019. Some of our stylists’ favorite ways to wear your bangs in 2019 are undone waves or curly.

Seeing as though long and short hair are both in this year, feel free to dazzle your look with the bangs you’ve been contemplating for years! It’s safe to say, pretty much any way you cut it, your look is in this year! So go ahead and make your appointment and let your stylist give you the daring look you’ve been dying to try.

4. Straight & Sexy Hairstyles

If you think back to the late nineties and early two-thousands, every woman was running to their flat iron and their stylist for the sleek and straight look that is taking the stage once again in 2019. For those that love it, now is your time. For those that hate it, keep rocking your look. Either way, sleek and sexy straight hair is back and better than ever!

Be sure your straightener and products are up for the challenge in 2019. If you’re wondering whether or not your products can keep up, ask your stylist at Anushka about their go-to favorites are so that you can keep up in 2019. Kérastase treatments at Anushka Spa & Salon can help you maintain the glossy, sleek look longer.

a blonde straight hair

5. Glamour Accesories

From dainty clips to dramatic hair wraps and statement pieces, hair accessories are making a major impact in the 2019 styling trends. As the sophistication continues to grow, so will the popularity of hair accessories as per our up-do connoisseur Mayra at Anushka Spa & Salon.

Accessories really started to take over last summer when the heat was intense, and everyone was wearing their hair up and adding accessories. While each accessory varies in not only type but size, anyone can dazzle their look with the addition of hair accessories this year!

6. The Modern Top-Knot Hairstyles

Our stylists’ top recommendation for maintaining the perfectly imperfect bun tie up all your hair with a ponytail and then twist it to perfect while leaving your ends loose and messy. Then to add a little texture, ask your stylist about the perfect styling product for your hair type. While a friend may recommend a product that is ideal for their thick hair, heavy products will weigh down fine hair and ruin your look.

Top-knots only used to be popular on the final days of unwashed hair or if you were just lounging around the house. However, in 2019, the top-knot is a go to look for any hair day! Leave the heat at home and tie up your locks. You can always add accessories to complete your 2019 look.

7. BIG Volume Hairstyles

So many of our clients come into Anushka Spa & Hair Salon complaining about their lack of volume and luster looking for an end all be all for their flat hair. There are a ton of volumizing shampoos and conditions and you can forget about products that claim they will give you the blow out look you are searching endlessly for. It’s no wonder so many women keep searching for the perfect combination for their locks.

One of our biggest recommendations for women who are seeking the volumized look in 2019 are Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions. Super-long extensions this year not only have the ability to help you achieve one trending look but two! Platinum Seamless Extensions, which is our go-to at Anushka Spa & Hair Salon, adds gravity-defining heights directly to the root of the problem.

If you are looking for a more everyday solution to a volumized look, ask your stylist about the best volumizing products for your hair type, stop using your friends’ products and treat your hair to the products it craves!

If you’re ready to upgrade your look, call today to book your appointment with one of Intercoiffure Stylists at Anushka Spa & Salon at 561.820.0500.

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