Laser Hair Removal in West Palm Beach

Laser Hair Removal

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Treatment Length:

15-45 Minutes

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Upon Consultation

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair

There are so many options for removing unwanted body hair, it’s hard to keep track of which one is best. Laser hair removal in West Palm Beach is one of the most effective methods at removing unwanted hair because it creates long-term results with almost no side effects. This treatment targets the pigment in your hair, using thermal energy to damage the hair down to the follicle, causing the hair to fall out and prevent further growth.

Areas We Treat

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Upper Legs

Lower Legs

Full Legs

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What To Expect

We’ll first have you schedule a consultation with our team to make sure laser hair removal is for you. We’ll go over your health history and check the pigments of your hair and skin to ensure you are the right candidate for laser hair removal. Once we’re sure laser hair removal is right for you, we’ll schedule your appointment.

Appointment time varies depending on the area you wish to have hair removed, but you can expect appointments to last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes. We’ll answer any questions you have before we begin your laser hair removal session, and once you’re ready, we’ll have you lay down on the treatment table. You can expect the laser to feel warm—some clients describe it as a rubber band snapping against your skin, but the laser light should not be painful.

How Anushka Approaches Beauty

Anushka’s primary goal has always been to deliver personalized beauty experiences. When we began as a small but elegant cellulite clinic, we accomplished this by offering a handful of well-researched treatments that were clinically proven to provide results. It’s been over 50 years, but Anushka is still dedicating the same level of quality and excellence to every treatment ranging between our spa, salon, med spa and wellness center.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in West Palm Beach

Long-Term Results

Hair removal is the most effective technique at removing unwanted hair. Yes, the hair will grow back, but it will take much longer than other hair removal methods and the hair will be thinner and lighter.

Increased Confidence

When you have unwanted body hair, it can cause you to cover up and feel less confident in your body. But with the long-term results provided by laser hair removal, you can finally regain your confidence and love your body.

Less Irritation

When it come to other options for removing unwanted hair like shaving or waxing, it can cause bumps, itchiness, or ingrown hairs. With laser hair removal, you can remove those uncomfortable side effects and just enjoy smooth, hairless skin.

Our Specials

Your favorite Anushka services are now available at limited-time prices thanks to our regularly updated specials. Every month, we update our specials to include new treatments from our salon, spa, med spa, and wellness center. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy a familiar treatment or try something new, you can elevate your beauty experience with one of our current offers.

Plan for No Hair

Use our custom treatment planning tool to see if laser hair removal in West Palm Beach is the right hair removal method for you.


Faded Color
Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Thin Lips
Sagging Skin

Our Clients’ Experiences

  • I fly in from London for my quarterly spa days at Anushka. The care, professionalism,
    and quality of the full experience is better than anywhere in the world I have ever gone.
    Shawn makes my hair look sun-kissed and natural — it always grows out beautifully.

    - Robin D'Allessandro

  • 5 Star!! Spa & Salon! I live in Palm Beach County and have visited many Day Spas Anushka is the best! The service is impeccable! The Salon Director and staff are professional, friendly, warm and welcoming, and dedicated in providing superior service on every level! They also have a fabulous boutique if you would like to do a little shopping. Highly recommend this Day Spa!”

    - Debbie Galluzzo

  • Once again Beth H. has come through for me! I love my EmFace results so much! I look 10 years younger! I just booked my EmSculpt Neo body package. I want her to concentrate on my glutes this time. I’m so happy with Beth H. that I also plan on purchasing packages for more areas of the body, especially the stomach next after all these holiday meals! I can’t express enough how much you need to go to Beth H. for all your body contouring needs! She’s enthusiastic, professional, yet down to Earth. She wants all her clients to feel confident … and it shows!

    - Diane Fawn

  • After reading about Anushka in UK “Tatler” magazine, I called from London and booked! Wonderful Platinum Seamless extensions done perfectly by Courtney, then over to Dr Bonnie for a Botox refresher, a little filler, mani /pedi from Angela, a spray tan and now I’m ready to begin my holiday in Palm Beach, “absolutely fabulous”! Lovely Spa, great staff, clean and efficient and great shopping! A must not miss!”

    - Caroline Cassidy

  • Anushka Spa is my happy place. I am a loyal client and they have never disappointed me. From ZO Skin facials, Morpheus8 with Exosomes, BTL EmSculpt and much more. Every time I go, there is a new treatment I want to try. Plus the one hour + pedicures are heaven. Can’t wait to go back…

    - Wendy Lewis

  • I have been going to Anushka for years and I can’t say enough good words. Very knowledgeable staff and top-quality products. Always have a great special happening as well for services and perks. Complimentary valet parking is a bonus.

    - Chelsea T.

About Anushka

Anushka began as a small but elegant med spa in New York’s Upper East Side in 1974, offering a few select but high-quality treatments. But through our dedication to beauty, excellence, and service, we’ve become one of the most recognized med spas in the country and have welcomed some of the most well known models and celebrities. Our dedication to results and client experiences has made Anushka a global beauty destination, and by continuing to provide the highest level of service and expertise, we hope to continue growing and influencing the beauty industry.



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