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Anushka’s luxurious beauty boutique in West Palm Beach offers high-end fashion to nurture everyone’s style. Elevate your look with custom-curated brands, designers, and up-and-coming labels that have yet to be discovered. Our boutique is only minutes away from the heart of Palm Beach and rivals the shops that draw the Palm Beach elite.

Our boutique is just another way we enhance our clients’ beauty. With the most up-to-date fashion trends available, the anushka boutique provides a luxurious and sophisticated shopping experience for our clients.

Our Merchandise


We have well-known name brands as well as brands that are just emerging in the fashion industry. Palm Beach is known for being a global leader in the latest fashion trends, and Anushka maintains the same standards of excellence by offering hard-to-resist resort fashion.


From handbags to jewels, and every accessory in between, Anushka’s dazzling beauty boutique in West Palm Beach has an assortment that will elevate any outfit and help complement your unique style. We carry a large selection of jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, and other accessories that can bring an outfit together. Find your style and create it at the Nush Boutique.


Not only do we offer the latest names in fashion, but the latest names in the art world. Our exquisite boutique occasionally offers one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork that are guaranteed to add to the character of your home or office. We welcome talented artists not just in West Palm Beach, but all over the country to showcase their work in Anushka’s luxurious boutique.

About Anushka

When Anushka opened as a small yet luxurious spa in New York’s Upper East Side, Anushka’s founder never imagined what heights the brand would eventually reach. By focusing on offering clients research-led treatments, Anushka’s founder propelled the business forward into an industry-leading spa, salon, med spa, and wellness center that would have multiple locations across the country.

Now based in West Palm Beach, Anushka’s 12,000-square-foot space serves as a sanctuary for those looking for innovative and transformative treatments that offer real, lasting results. Anushka’s team of expert stylists and aesthetic specialists offer unparalleled services that are nationally recognized and locally adored.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to give spa services to loved ones without having to choose the service for them. Or, if they prefer, they can shop at our luxurious beauty boutique in West Palm Beach and find items that fit them perfectly. Whichever way you choose to gift, The Anushka Gift Card is a beautiful way to show someone you love that you appreciate them.


Our Rewards

Our clients have trusted Anushka for over 50 years to provide quality service and legendary treatments in a luxurious atmosphere. The Anushka team appreciates our clients’ enduring loyalty, and we express our gratitude by offering premium pricing and member benefits through our rewards programs. With our rewards programs, clients can enjoy discounted pricing on services like wrinkle relaxers, laser & light treatments, and our body sculpting treatments.


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