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Peptide Therapy

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There is a lot of thing our bodies need to live and function well. Whether it’s oxygen for our cells or vitamins and nutrients from our food, when we are lacking the vital ingredients our bodies need, then we can lose energy and not be able to live our lives to the fullest.

Peptide therapy in West Palm Beach delivers much-needed peptides into our systems that allow our bodies to function optimally. Peptides are made up of amino acids, which control the synthesis of important aspects of our health, like hormones and neurotransmitters. Providing your body the much-needed amino acids through peptide therapy, you could improve your sleep, energy, workout performance, and more!

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What To Expect

Every patients begins their experience at Anushka Concierge Medicine & Wellness with an initial consultation, where we learn about your health history, what issues you are experiencing, and what goals you hope to accomplish. We’ll also work together to determine if peptide therapy is right for those goals and how it fits into your custom care plan.

Your doctor will prescribe oral, IV or intra-muscular injection peptide therapy treatments. Once the peptides begin to take effect, we’ll wait until it’s had plenty of time to take effect in your system. After that we’ll schedule regular check ups to revisit your goals and see how your results match up with those initial goals.

Our Anushka Providers

Our expert wellness team is led by Dr. Faryal Farooqi, who has years of experience helping clients elevate their health and beauty by delivering excellent service and research-driven care. No matter what your unique wellness goals may be, you can believe our team’s expert care can help you achieve them. Anushka has helped thousands of people improve their look with our incredible services, including many of our country’s top celebrities and models. If you want experts behind your care, then come to Anushka and start living your best life.

Our Team

Benefits of Peptide Therapy in West Palm Beach

Versatile Treatment

Peptide therapy essentially helps promote cellular repair and can be used to target a wide variety of wellness issues, including collagen production, wound healing, joint recovery, gut balancing and so much more.

Natural Ingredients

Peptide therapy uses amino acids, which are already naturally found within your body. This is why peptide therapy is used as alternative for many products and services that cause adverse side effects, like creatine powder or blood pressure medication.

Improved Immune System

Peptide Therapy can help prevent virus replication and manage hyperactive immune system responses to viruses. This helps you have less severe symptoms of common illness like the cold or flu and recover faster.

Our Memberships

We value loyalty at Anushka and one way we reward our most loyal clients is by providing exclusive pricing through our membership. When you become an Anushka member, you can receive the same amazing services you love from the team you trust at reduced prices. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy our spa, salon, med spa, or wellness services, almost all our treatments have exclusive member pricing available. Become an Anushka member today and elevate your health and beauty experience.

Are Peptides For You?

Try our treatment planing tool and see if peptide therapy should be part of your custom care plan.


Faded Color
Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Thin Lips
Sagging Skin

Our Clients’ Experiences

  • Dr. Farooqi was so professional, friendly and kind! She immediately put me at my ease. She was knowledgeable and very informed and explained things so clearly. She is a great listener!! I am so excited to have had my Morpheus 8 done by her, she is so well versed in techniques and understands skin and skin anatomy in depth. I feel so grateful to have found her from a friends referral. I am also so thrilled to be starting on my hormone optimization journey with her as well. I love ANUSHKA CONCIERGE MEDICINE & WELLNESS! it makes you feel healthy and beautiful —inside and out!!

    - Lina Gil

  • Dr. Faryal Farooqi was so sweet and knowledgeable in guiding me to weight loss, and my first experience with Botox and fillers! I was so nervous of how painful the needles would be and most of all, how I would look once we finished. Well, I looked natural and there was not pain. We had a great conversation and she suggested I try Semaglutide. I did it and have lost 12 lbs in 2 months. She guided me with an easy nutrition plan and some supplements. But best of all is that I gained brain clarity as well as more energy! At 49 years old, I feel great and thanks to the talented Dr. Farooqi, I look younger without looking frozen. Treat yourself to an experience that will lift you. It’s worth every penny and Dr. Farooqi makes sure it is painless.

    - Nancy Vallejo

  • I am so lucky to have found Anushka Spa. I went there in search of Dr. Faryal Farooqi. She not only helped mom from being admitted to the hospital a dozen times, she changed my overall health and has guided me to be healthier. Im 42 and I have always been in search of a primary care doctor like her! I lost 30 pounds with her weight loss program & I am so beyond grateful because she is always available, extremely compassionate and truly a uniquely knowledgeable physician.

    - Ornela Petanaj

  • Once again Beth H. has come through for me! I love my EmFace results so much! I look 10 years younger! I just booked my EmSculpt Neo body package. I want her to concentrate on my glutes this time. I’m so happy with Beth H. that I also plan on purchasing packages for more areas of the body, especially the stomach next after all these holiday meals! I can’t express enough how much you need to go to Beth H. for all your body contouring needs! She’s enthusiastic, professional, yet down to Earth. She wants all her clients to feel confident … and it shows!

    - Diane Fawn

  • I had an amazing experience at Anushka! I flew in town to get the Morpheus and it was perfect! Amazing people amazing experience.

    - Ruth McKeaney

  • If you are looking for the Fountain of Youth, RUN to Anushka Spa & Salon! The place is beautiful and it’s loaded with artists at the top of their games. Dr. Bonnie’s artist eye sees what is needed and her precise hands deliver the vision and Lesley MUST have a PhD in skincare! She clearly knows what is best, but pushes nothing on you and, finally, Anushka’s sense of style and elegance points to the perfect purchase to
    lift your spirits. Need to thank the receptionists for magically making it all come together as schedules needed to shift. Another incredible visit!

    - Sandy Swider

About Anushka

Anushka opened its doors in 1974 as a small, but elegant spa that offered select services that were based on extensive research and proven to deliver outstanding results. Our goal was to provide an exceptional beauty experience for our clients based on high-quality service and expertise. 50 years later, Anushka is a 12,000 square foot beauty mecca and a recognized leader in the beauty industry. We are visited by some of the country’s top models and celebrities and are praised for our extensive salon, spa, med spa, and wellness treatments offered by our expert team members. However, the main reason we were able to become as successful as we are is because of our dedication to our clients’ beauty experiences.



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