After almost 45 years in the beauty, aesthetics and wellness industry, Anushka Spa, Salon & Cosmedical Centre has graced the pages of nearly every notable fashion and beauty magazine, both here and abroad. Featured articles cover a myriad of topics, from Anushka’s world-renowned cellulite treatments, to the spa’s luxurious services and anti-aging-cosmedical procedures.

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Allure Features Anushka's Thigh Gel Cellulite Serum_May 2001
Claudia Schiffer's Allure Cover magazine: The 122 Best
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Harper's Bazaar Features The Anushka Cellulite Clinic P1 May 2014
Vogue Features Anushka's Mud Body Wrap_June 1996 (1)
New York Magazine Features Anushka's Volcanic Ash Body Wrap_November 1994
Magazine Cover Image - Trends: Battle of the Bulges
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W Magazine Features Anushka Cellulite Serums January 2005
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Vogue Calls Anushka an Urban Spa Retreat_July 1988
W Magazine Features Anushka's Cafe Line of Cellulite Serums_March 1994
Newspaper headline: Jennifer Lopez' body lotionand Anna Kournikova Picks a Winner
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