Hair Color

The hair color salon at Anushka in West Palm Beach is revered for producing some of the most dynamic color creations in the Palm Beaches. Let our hair color experts bring you on a journey to your ideal color destination, using traditional and modern color techniques to enhance your natural color or create an entirely new look.

Hair color is a science and an art. Balancing excellent technique with the color theory is what makes the hair colorists at Anushka Salon stand out from other hair colorists in West Palm Beach. Not only is the Anushka Hair Color Salon a learning lab, but it’s also a place where hair colorists come alive by sharing evolving techniques to bring out truly captivating, dimensional hair color for our clientele.

The Anushka Hair Color Team consists of senior-level artists who have honed their technique through many years of experience, mixed with a group of young, talented colorists passionate about exploring the boundaries of color, all to create color that is sheerly awe-inspiring.

For those who demand the ultimate in hair color, we offer INOA color. Standing for “Innovative No Ammonia”, INOA hair color is ammonia free, making it the best formulation for distressed, coarse or frizz-prone hair. INOA is available in any of our custom hair color treatments.

Hair Color

Base Color

Great color starts with our color experts. Creating custom color for each and every client, your color expert will custom-blend (in our one-of-a-kind color kitchen!) the exact shade to match your mood, style and personality….$76 & Up

Base Break

When highlights alone won’t do, we suggest a base break. This treatment is perfect for the person who wants all-over lightening. The base break itself will lighten the natural color from the roots, helping to bring out, or blend-in with fresh highlights. This service is an add-on to a traditional highlight treatment….$76 & Up


French for “to paint,” balayage is the modern technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, resulting in sun-kissed, natural looking color. This artisanal approach helps gradually gradate color from the root to the ends, giving hair a soft, progressive, dimensional look….$118 & Up

Full Head Hi/Lo Lights

A custom full head of hi/lo lights begins when you and your master colorist choose from one of hundreds of color options available from our color kitchen. Your colorist will then touch each inch of your head, weaving in delicate bands of color using their preferred technique. Toner may be added to reach your ideal hue….$146 & Up

Half Head Hi/Lo Lights

Enjoy the same experience as our hi/lo lights, focusing on the crown and sides of the head. This is an ideal treatment to create specific depth and dimension of your color….$118 & Up

Face Frame Highlights

Hair color doesn’t just help define your style, it also helps illuminate your natural beauty in the hands of our color experts. Localized to just around the face, face-frame highlights are especially popular to help brighten the face and compliment distinct features….$59 & Up

Color Correction

Our team of color experts are dedicated to help restore hair color that has been mis-treated or over processed, by refortifying the health, beauty and longevity of your hair though the use of high-quality salon products and years of industry experience….Priced By Consultation

Color Treatments

Color Treatment
Color Gloss

A color gloss, sometimes referred to as a “glaze”, is a great way to add shine and revitalize hair, either to compliment a color treatment, or between color treatments to reignite hair color. Depending on the results you and your colorist are looking for, a tinted gloss or clear gloss may be used….$30 & Up

Color Toner

To compliment your hair color treatment, a color toner may be used to achieve the exact tone or highlight that you and your colorist have decided on. A custom-blended toner formula will be prepared in our color kitchen and applied between rinses, where the unique formula will bond to freshly dyed hair, resulting in completely bespoke look….$30 & Up

Conditioning Treatment

A hair conditioning treatment is an excellent way to quickly impart significant, visible benefits to moisturize and repair hair. Each of our luxury hair conditioning treatments helps restore hair. The exact formulation will be chosen based on the recommendation of your stylist….$40

Olaplex Treatment

Protect and strengthen hair during your color treatment when you have your colorist perform a smartbond service along with your regular color treatment. This unique formula helps prevent breakage by strengthening the hair and reinforcing it before color processing….$50

Kérastase Treatment

At Anushka, we’re proud to carry the best hair conditioning treatments from Kerastase – the leader in salon hair care. With their variety of formulations, your stylist will custom-blend a hair conditioning treatment to dramatically improve and restore the health of your hair….$40

Oribe Color Treatment

The leading luxury purveyor of salon-quality hair care, Oribe, brings their opulent hair color treatment to Anushka. This post-color treatment will nourish freshly colored hair, bringing out its optimal luminance while helping to maintain rich, lasting color between normal color services….$40

Hair Color Treatments

At Anushka Salon, we offer both traditional color techniques as well as modern color treatments to achieve your ideal look. Your hair colorist will discuss your color goals and map out a plan to achieve them. In addition to allover color treatments, we specialize in highlights, lowlights and the painterly style of Balayage.

The Balayage technique is wonderful for creating a more custom look, in where the colorist “paints” on highlighted areas to create a more fluid marriage between the colored and non-colored sections of hair. Balayage is also an excellent technique for achieving an “ombre” color effect.

We also offer hair color-enhancing treatments, like hair color glosses. These finishing treatments help illuminate your color and can be applied between color appointments to refresh and enhance your existing color.
Your color expert may also recommend a strengthening treatment to prevent damage that may occur from any color processing, or a treatment to help re-strengthen previously colored or heat-styled hair.

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