The Anushka makeup studio exists in a light-rich corner of our Spa atrium, where our makeup artists go to work imparting their years of makeup artistry expertise to bring our clients inner and outer beauty into full view.

Featuring products from the world’s best makeup purveyors, our makeup studio is complete with every color and shade to meet our client’s needs. Whether looking for a natural palette, or for a glamorous out-on-the-town look, our makeup artists will fill, color and contour in all the right spaces to help your natural beauty shine. Each makeup application includes an informative tutorial on how to mimic the final look with recommended products to achieve it at home.


Makeup West Palm Beach
Makeup Application w/ Strip Lashes

The Make-Up Studio at Anushka is the perfect place to finish your visit. Our Make Up Factory luxury make-up line is skin-nurturing make-up for beauty with a higher purpose, adding vitamin benefits to the skin while providing a glamorous look….$100 & Up

Airbrush Makeup Application w/ Strip Lashes

Anushka’s airbrush makeup application is the most advanced way to apply a flawless finish to your skin. Classically known for its infallibly even coverage and long-wearing capabilities, an airbrush makeup application will guarantee you perfect coverage for your important occasions….$125 & Up

Special Occassion Makeup w/ Strip Lashes

For when the occasion demands perfection, we offer special occasion makeup services. Our makeup artists are not only experts at applying all the right colors, contours and lines, but will ensure you are photo-ready, with makeup that won’t budge no matter what the night brings. This is the perfect appointment to schedule before a big event, wedding or photoshoot….$100 & Up

Special Occassion Airbrush Makeup w/ Strip Lashes

Enjoy all the benefits of our traditional special occasion makeup application, but with the use of our professional airbrush machine. Your makeup artist will custom-blend a foundation to match your distinct skin tone, applying a fine, flawless layer of color for a soft, radiant finish. Airbrush makeup is known for its light finish and long-lasting nature….$125 & Up

Makeup Lesson

At Anushka, we see makeup artistry as an important facet of your entire beauty routine. Like our styling appointments, we believe that educating the client to be able to perform our techniques between appointments is part of what makes our services mutually beneficial. Enjoy this one-on-one lesson with one of our makeup artists to learn how to achieve a makeup look of your choice….$105

Permanent Makeup

permanent make up west palm beach

Never fill in your eyebrows again when you experience the beautiful results of a permanent makeup treatment! Using a specialized, mechanical wand, our resident permanent makeup artist will custom-blend the perfect pigment to compliment your eyebrows. In just a few passes of her wand, achieve permanent pigmentation on the brows, with results lasting up to 10 years….$800

Upper Eyeliner

Permanent makeup is a technique used to deliver custom-blended pigmentation just below the skin’s surface. Our upper eyeliner treatment is ideal for the person who wants to fill in the lash line. You may further customize your permanent upper eyeliner treatment with additional passes to thicken the line, mimicking the look of freshly drawn eyeliner. Results last up to 10 years….$450

Lower Eyeliner

Our lower eyeliner treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their lower lash line, or look like they have just applied lower liner, permanently! The treatment requires several passes of our specialized pigment placing pen and can last up to 10 years….$400

Both Upper & Lower Eyeliner

Enjoy the full benefit of a custom, permanent eyeliner treatment when you have both your upper and lower lash line treated at the same time!….$800

Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to define the outer lip line, or to help extend the natural edges of the lip. Our expert permanent makeup artist will custom-blend a pigment to compliment your natural skin and lip tone for optimal results….$700

Full Lip

Permanent lip color is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to define the lip line and help the lips look naturally lush. Our expert permanent makeup artist will custom-blend a pigment to compliment your natural skin and lip tone for optimal results….$1,200


From Rio to L.A., N.Y. & NOW in Palm Beach at the Anushka Cosmedical Centre, Marta Lucia, known as the “Renoir” of Permanent Makeup by international magazine editors and celebs, is redefining the art of permanent makeup. She has spent nearly 2 decades perfecting the art and science of permanent makeup application. She is triple board certified as an expert in micro pigmentation, as a makeup artist, and makeup instructor (FAAM, CPMA and CPMI).

Her artist’s eye combined with her technical training and gifted precision, has caught the attention of an international clientele. Celebrities and socialites alike have flown her around the world for her award winning natural and dazzling eyebrows and pinpoint eyeliner technique.

The “art of correction” has won Marta devoted clients and worldwide acclaim. She is a master of “THE FIX”. Whether it’s a facial flaw, or a botched job by someone less skilled, she can correct and transform. “I am so blessed to have so many fans. When my clients wake up more beautiful, with no thoughts of a tedious makeup regimen ahead, I have done my job.” From permanent lip and eye liner to full lips and eye brows, Marta tailors each application to suit the client’s features, correcting aesthetic flaws and enhancing her natural beauty. “My artist’s training enables me to custom blend up to 6 color pigments for a perfectly shaded brow without those cool undertones that often show up as the color begins to fade.” Each procedure is preceded by a consultation where Marta uses traditional makeup to show exactly what the end result will look like. Her digital before & after portfolio, is a testament to both her talent and her legendary following.

Results can last anywhere from 3-5 years! Avoiding the sun ensures the maximum longevity of permanent makeup.

Working closely with South Mercy and Baptist Hospitals, Marta has been lending her talents for years to restorative aesthetics.


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