Functional nutrition programs at Anushka are designed to initiate changes in the body to create a new environment for overall health.

Our mission is to help you reach your optimal health with a realistic approach that accommodates:
● Your lifestyle
● Current routines
● Eating preferences
● Eating whole foods
● Conquering cravings
● Breaking sugar addiction

We look at symptoms as a communication tool, pointing to the root cause of health issues. Our innovative approach involved a detailed analysis of all your body’s systems, using advanced techniques to develop your functional nutrition care plan, utilizing:
● Cutting-edge testing
● Functional assessment evaluation
● Customized meal plans
● Lifestyle changes
● Body composition analysis
● Individualized coaching
● Accountability support
● Functional supplementation
● Cellular detoxification

Functional Nutrition ProgramS

Functional Nutrition
30-Day Kick Start to Detox & Wellness

Designed for clients seeking nutrition and lifestyle changes to jump-start their wellness journey…..$595

● Initial consultation
● Functional assessment evaluation
● Body composition analysis
● Nutrition plan instructions
● Health coaching for a 30-day system
● Midway follow-up evaluation
● 30-day success review appointment
● Detoxification assessment


60-Day Reset Nutrition Program

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching with step-by-step instruction. Extended support period to reset your health…..$1095

● Initial consultation
● Functional assessment evaluation
● Body composition analysis
● Nutrition plan
● Health coaching for 60 days
● 6 individualized consultations
● Symptom review appointments
● Nutrient intake analysis
● Meal planning & protocol updates
● Body composition analysis
● Supplementation evaluation
● Detox assessment and protocol strategy

12-Week Program

This 12-week transformation program is designed for clients seeking nutrition vitality, micro-nutrient testing, optimal health and lifestyle coaching with innovative step-by-step instructions during a 3 month period to transform your life…..$1995

● Initial consultation
● Functional assessment evaluation
● Body composition analysis
● Nutrition plan instructions
● Micro-nutrient testing: determines cellular-level chronic micro-nutrient deficiencies; a $750 value
● Results review and report of findings
● Customized repletion protocol to address your micro-nutrient status
● Health Coaching for 3 months
● 7 individualized consultations
● Follow-up symptom review
● Nutrient intake analysis
● Meal planning and protocol updates
● Body composition analysis
● Detoxification assessment
● Spectracell testing
● Customized supplementation protocol
● Add-on testing options
● 12-week menu plan
● Anti-inflammatory healing nutrition

Wellness Supplementation

welness supplementation
B12 Booster Shots

B12 shots are ideal for anyone looking to increase their physical well-being, mental clarity and boost their metabolism, through:


● More energy, mental alertness and stamina for everyday tasks
● Healthier immune systems
● Improved sleep
● Increased metabolism, thereby aiding in weight loss
● Reduced allergies, stress and depression
● Improved mood stabilization
● Lessened frequency and severity of migraines and headaches

Single Shots….$51.25

Series of 6….$300

ITG Diet

The ITG Diet Plan is an easy to follow, 3-step nutrition program designed to get you into a light state of ketosis quickly and efficiently. By utilizing our higher protein meal replacements along with whole foods each day, ​you will finally achieve the results you so richly deserve…..Pricing by Private Consultation

Full Range Supplements

​Nourish your body exactly the way it needs through professional guidance and personalized nutrition solutions designed to make you look and feel your best….Pricing by Private Consultation

Functional Nutrition Programs with Tracy Mastandrea, RD, LD/N

Our programs target the three major pathways to optimal health: 

Digestive Gut Health
● Gas
● Bloating
● Reflux
● Stomach pain
● Food allergies
● Skin disorders
● Brain fog

Hormone Imbalance & Weight Gain
● Thyroid
● Anxiety
● Insomnia
● Chronic fatigue
● Depression
● Joint pain
● Mood swings 

 Metabolic Syndrome

● Elevated cholesterol
● High blood pressure
● Abdominal fat
● Inflammation
● Blood sugar imbalances




“I lost 13 pounds in one month, my energy has improved, and just yesterday I wore a suit I haven’t worn in 2 years! This diet plan is working on me!” — Jacqueline C., West Palm Beach, FL


“I came to Tracy with frustration over my inability to lose weight. I considered myself to be a “healthy” eater and I worked out every day. I was stunned when my body fat percentage was 33%. My lab work showed my hormones were off and my adrenals were taxed. After changing my diet, I lost 10 lbs in the first month and I had so much more energy! Tracy is so great at explaining what is happening through the process. I feel so much more educated and informed.” — Bridget B., Wellington, FL


“I am doing very well, and in no small part thanks to you! You have taught me to take the reigns on maintaining my dietary changes and to manage my own nutritive and supplemental needs. I am so thankful for your help. My dreams are manifesting as I learn to live more in harmony within my body. Thank you so much!” — Jesse S., Palm Beach, FL


“I suffered from severe PMS cramps every month to the point of not being able to get out of bed. After being introduced to this program, my life was changed! I have felt radically different. Thank you!” — Heidi S., Palm Beach Gardens, FL


“It is wonderful to watch my body fat percentage go down through your program.” — Grace P., Wellington, FL


“Before beginning this program, I was a depressed, unmotivated mess. Today, I have lost 20 pounds, can walk long distances, and am full of energy. I can even see a change in my skin. I am now more active in my everyday life. I can’t wait to see more results that are to come.” – Raechel J., Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Under Eye Revive

Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN shares non-invasive solutions for one of the most requested treatments in her practice to reverse dark circles and restore eyes using her “Under Eye Revive” combination treatment.

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