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The Low-Maintenance Way to Add Depth to Your Brown Hair: Brown Balayage

If you’re already rocking beautiful brown locks, or if you’re thinking about switching over to the dark side, you don’t want your hair to end up falling flat. That’s why so many brunettes are looking to brown balayage as a way to add dimension and depth to their hair. When done right, brown balayage is super natural looking and is pretty much guaranteed to leave your hair feeling healthy. It also happens to be incredibly low-maintenance.

Regardless of your reasoning for getting brown balayage, you’re likely here because you want to learn a little bit more about it. 

Let’s dive right into everything you need to know about brown balayage!

What is Brown Balayage?

To help you get a true understanding, let’s first talk about what brown balayage is. This hair color is known for providing a soft and natural way of adding highlights to a dark brown base. The technique of balayage is used to accomplish this beautiful look using the French hand painted coloring technique.

Brown balayage often consists of different shades of brown and blonde which ends up providing a super dimensional look that’s also very natural looking. 

One of the best things about brown balayage is that it’s super customizable. So, you can work with whatever hair texture, colors, and tones you like! Brown balayage can even be done in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Benefits of Brown Balayage

Let’s talk a little bit more about the benefits of brown balayage, so you can get a true understanding of if it’s the right hair color for you.

  1. Looks very natural

As we mentioned, you’re going to walk out of the salon feeling like your hair looks super natural with brown balayage. Especially when compared to more traditional highlights. 

The hand painted technique allows stylists to blend the highlights with the brown hair color. This ends up giving you a super soft look and generally means fewer harsh lines throughout the hair.

  1. Color is less likely to bleed

It’s common for stylists to use a barrier in between each of their sections with the balayage technique. This keeps the layers of bleach from touching one another which can cause bleeding. No one wants blotchy hair color after all.

  1. Less damaging

A full head of highlights can be a lot more damaging to the hair than the minimal pieces that are bleached with balayage. Your entire head doesn’t need to be covered in bleach, which ultimately means less damage and healthier hair overall.

  1. Low-maintenance hair color option

If you’re tired of having to head to the salon often to get your highlights touched up, then brown balayage could be a great solution. As your hair grows out, no harsh lines are left in the hair which makes regrowth a lot less obvious. You can take more time in between appointments without having to worry about touching up your roots.

How to Maintain Brown Balayage

Once you’ve got your brown balayage, you’ll want to be sure you do everything you can to take care of it. Here are some of our best tips.

Wash your hair correctly

You’ll want to wash your hair as little as possible with brown balayage. If you end up washing it too often you could risk damage to the hair along with potential fading. Try to stick to about 2-3 washes per week and use a good conditioner to help keep your hair hydrated.

Invest in sulfate free products

Many hair cleansing products will have sulfates in them. This ingredient can strip away your hair color and remove any of the natural oils that help to keep your hair moisturized. Look for products that don’t have sulfate in them to keep your balayage looking healthy.

Try a hair mask

If you want to ensure the health of your hair, try using a good hair mask. This will help to replenish the hair and nourish it with natural oils and essential vitamins. Your hair is sure to keep its strength and shine.

Go for touch-ups

Of course, balayage is low-maintenance which means you can go longer in between appointments. However, you still want to ensure you’re going in for touch-ups every once in a while. We recommend going in at least every three to four months to make sure your hair stays well maintained and healthy.

Brown Balayage Inspo

Now that you know more about brown balayage, here’s a little bit of inspiration for different looks you can try. 

Ultra cool-toned


We notice a lot of our clients going for warmer brown tones but don’t forget about those ashy, silver hues as well. This look is totally bold and modern and is also going to fade to a nice natural looking color. You might even go for a super dark, raven-black base at the root of the hair.

Warmed toned balayage

Opposite to the cool tones is, of course, warm toned hair color. Caramel and honey are stunning colors that look fantastic on tons of different skin tones. You might pair this hair coloring with some voluminous curls for a healthy, dimensional look.

Plum balayage

If you’re wanting to try something different when it comes to your balayage, why not try plum? Mixing up burgundy, raven, and plum hues can look extra unique and will help the hair to feel nice and light rather than weighed down by heavy colors.

Beautiful bronde


Bronde is having a big moment when it comes to brown balayage. Honey and golden hues are used to compliment the natural cool brown tones at the base of the head. This look is incredible when the colors are nicely blended, leaving you with a soft, glowing look.

Dramatic balayage

Of course, we love the natural look that brown balayage has to offer. But mixing it up with a high contrast blonde and dark brown can help to bring some major drama to your look. Cooler toned hues are especially gorgeous on those with red, blue, or pink undertones.

Chestnut shine

Chestnut brown is one of our favorite colors for brown balayage because of the incredible shine it has to offer. You can always take the shine up a notch by using hair oil as well.

Dark brown base with caramel

Dark brown and caramel are simply a match made in heaven. Go for a nice dark brown base and bring some caramel highlights into the ends to help make your features pop. The contrast of this look is subtle yet utterly beautiful.

Your Next Appointment

Does brown balayage sound like the hair color you’ve been dreaming of? You can get a low-maintenance look that’s sure to keep the depth and dimension you love. So, don’t wait to book your next appointment. 

At Anushka Spa and Salon, we have an expert hair stylist ready and waiting to help you get the perfect brown balayage. We love helping our clients through the discovery process and want you to walk out of our doors feeling better than ever before. 

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today to book your appointment!


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