Anushka Accepted to Intercoiffure

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There is no greater authority in the hair industry than Intercoiffure Mondial. Since 1925, this organization, dedicated to excellence in hair dressing, has been supporting the best providers in the beauty industry. This year, Anushka is proud to announce themselves as the newest member of this illustrious group.

The Intercoiffure America/Canada Member Salons are fashion oriented and are always expanding their professional knowledge through ICA’s Ateliers as well as learning from other key members of the beauty industry.

About Intercoiffure

Founded in Paris in 1925, “L’Association Internationale des Maîtres Coiffeurs de Dames” was established to bring together the most prestigious hair purveyors in the industry. Today, their enduring standards and message take center stage in an industry focused on delivering outstanding standards in hair dressing. Only the best and most progressive salons are given membership to Intercoiffure Mondial.

Anushka Spa & Salon is honored to be considered amongst this esteemed group of salons, and 1 of only 2 in the South Florida area. As a member, Anushka will help partner with other member salons in the United States and Canada to both welcome in and deliver education in collaboration with other Intercoiffure artists.

To learn more about Intercoiffure America/Canada, click here to visit their website. Discover leading and progressive hair artistry through their events and bi-annual ICA Atelier’s, archived through their social accounts: @intercoiffureamericacanada.